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{Genesis 40:5} And they dreamed 2492 z8799 a dream 2472 both x8147 of them, y8147 each man 376 his dream 2472 in one 259 night, 3915 each man 376 according to the interpretation 6623 of his dream, 2472 the butler y8248 z8688 x4945 and the baker 644 z8802 of the king 4428 of Egypt, 4714 which x834 [were] bound 631 z8803 in the prison. 1004 5470
am 2287, bc 1717, "And they saidª° unto¹ him, We have dreamedª° a dream,ª and [there is] no¹ interpreterª° of it. And Josephª saidª° unto¹ them, [Do] not¹ interpretationsª [belong] to God?ª tell¹ me²° [them], I pray you.¹" {Gen 40:8} + "Now the LORDª had saidª° unto¹ Abram,ª Get thee out²°¹ of thy country,ª¹ and from thy kindred,ª¹ and from thy father's² house,ª¹¹ unto¹ a landª that¹ I will shewª° thee: ... And the LORDª appearedª° unto¹ Abram,ª and said,ª° Unto thy seedª will I giveª°¹ thisª land:ª and there¹ buildedª° he an altarª unto the LORD,ª who appearedª° unto¹ him." {Gen 12:1-7} + "But Godª cameª° to¹ Abimelechª in a dreamª by night,ª and saidª° to him, Behold,¹ thou [art but] a dead man,ª° for¹ the womanª which¹ thou hast taken;ª° for she¹ [is] a man'sª wife.ª°" {Gen 20:3} + "And Josephª dreamedª° a dream,ª and he toldª° [it] his brethren:ª and they hatedª° him yet¹ the more.ª° ... And he toldª° [it] to¹ his father,ª and to¹ his brethren:ª and his fatherª rebukedª° him, and saidª° unto him, What¹ [is] this¹ dreamª that¹ thou hast dreamed?ª° Shall I¹ and thy motherª and thy brethrenª indeed²° comeª° to bow down²° ourselves¹ to thee to the earth?ª" {Gen 37:5-10} + "And it came to pass¹ at the endª¹ of two full² years,ª¹ that Pharaohª dreamed:ª° and, behold,¹ he stoodª° by¹ the river.ª ... And the seven thinª earsª devouredª°¹ the sevenª rankª and fullª ears.ª And Pharaohª awoke,ª° and, behold,¹ [it was] a dream.ª" {Gen 41:1-7} + "And we dreamedª° a dreamª in oneª night,ª I¹ and he;¹ we dreamedª° each manª according to the interpretationª of his dream.ª" {Gen 41:11} + "And he said,ª° Hearª° now¹ my words:ª If¹ there be¹ a prophetª among you, [I] the LORDª will make myself knownª° unto¹ him in a vision,ª [and] will speakª° unto him in a dream.ª" {Num 12:6} + "And when Gideonª was come,ª° behold,¹ [there was] a manª that toldª° a dreamª unto his fellow,ª and said,ª° Behold,¹ I dreamedª° a dream,ª and, lo,¹ a cakeª° of barleyª breadª tumbledª° into the hostª of Midian,ª and cameª° unto¹ a tent,ª and smoteª° it that it fell,ª° and overturnedªª° it, that the tentª lay along.ª° ... And his fellowª answeredª° and said,ª° This¹ [is] nothing else¹ save¹¹ the swordª of Gideonª the sonª of Joash,ª a manª of Israel:ª [for] into his handª hath Godª deliveredª°¹ Midian,ª and all¹ the host.ª" {Jdg 7:13-14} + "On that¹ nightª could notª° the kingª sleep,ª and he commandedª° to bringª°¹ the bookª of recordsª of the chronicles;ªª and they were¹ readª° beforeª the king.ª" {Est 6:1} + "In a dream,ª in a visionª of the night,ª when deep² sleep¹ fallethª° upon¹ men,²¹ in slumberingsª upon¹ the bed;ª ... That he may withdrawª° manª [from his] purpose,ª and hideª° prideª from man.ª¹" {Job 33:15-17} + "And in the secondª yearª of the reignª of Nebuchadnezzarª Nebuchadnezzarª dreamedª° dreams,ª wherewith his spiritª was troubled,ª° and his sleepª brakeª° from¹ him. ... And the kingª saidª° unto them, I have dreamedª° a dream,ª and my spiritª was troubledª° to knowª°¹ the dream.ª" {Dan 2:1-3} + "I sawª° a dreamª which made me afraid,ª° and the thoughtsª uponª my bedª and the visionsª of my headª troubledª° me." {Dan 4:5} + "O Belteshazzar,ª masterª of the magicians,ª because¹ Iª knowª° that¹ the spiritª of the holyª godsª [is] in thee, and noªª secretª troublethª° thee, tellª° me the visionsª of my dreamª that¹ I have seen,ª° and the interpretationª thereof." {Dan 4:9} + "Thenª Daniel,ª whose¹ nameª [was] Belteshazzar,ª was astoniedª° for oneª hour,ª and his thoughtsª troubledª° him. The kingª spake,ª° and said,ª° Belteshazzar,ª let notª the dream,ª or the interpretationª thereof, troubleª° thee. Belteshazzarª answeredª° and said,ª° My lord,ª the dreamª [be] to them that hateª° thee, and the interpretationª thereof to thine enemies.ª" {Dan 4:19} + "In the firstª yearª of Belshazzarª kingª of Babylonª Danielª hadª° a dreamª and visionsª of his headª uponª his bed:ª thenª he wroteª° the dream,ª [and] toldª° the sumª of the matters.ª ... And I¹ Danielª fainted,ª° and was sickª° [certain] days;ª afterward I rose up,ª° and didª°¹ the king'sª business;ª and I was astonishedª° at¹ the vision,ª but none¹ understoodª° [it]." {Dan 7:1-8:27}

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