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{Genesis 45:6} For x3588 these x2088 two years 8141 [hath] the famine 7458 [been] in 7130 the land: 776 and yet x5750 [there are] five 2568 years, 8141 in the which x834 [there shall] neither 369 [be] earing 2758 nor harvest. 7105
two years:
"Behold,¹ there comeª° sevenª yearsª of greatª plentyª throughout all¹ the landª of Egypt:ª ... And the plentyª shall not¹ be knownª° in the landª by reason² of¹¹ that¹ famineª following;ªª for¹ it¹ [shall be] veryª grievous.ª" {Gen 41:29-31} + "And the sevenª yearsª of dearthª beganª° to come,ª° according as¹ Josephª had said:ª° and the dearthª was¹ in all¹ lands;ª but in all¹ the landª of Egyptª there was¹ bread.ª" {Gen 41:54} + "And the famineª was¹ over¹ all¹ the faceª of the earth:ª And Josephª openedª°¹ all¹ the storehouses,¹ and soldª° unto the Egyptians;ª and the famineª waxed soreª° in the landª of Egypt.ª" {Gen 41:56} + "When that¹ yearª was ended,ª° they cameª° unto¹ him the secondª year,ª and saidª° unto him, We will not¹ hideª° [it] from¹ my lord,ª how that¹¹ our moneyª is spent;ª° my lordª also hathª our herdsª of cattle;ª there is not¹ ought leftª° in the sightª of my lord,ª but¹¹ our bodies,ª and our lands:ª" {Gen 47:18}
Earing means ploughing or seed-time from the Anglo-Saxon erian, probably from aro, to plough; and agrees with αροω [Strong's G0723], Greek, charatha, Arabic, and charash, Hebrew. "Then Josephª saidª° unto¹ the people,ª Behold,¹ I have boughtª°² you this dayª and your landª for Pharaoh:ª lo,ª [here is] seedª for you, and ye shall sowª°¹ the land.ª" {Gen 47:23} + "Sixª daysª thou shalt work,ª° but on the seventhª dayª thou shalt rest:ª° in earing timeª and in harvestª thou shalt rest.ª°" {Exd 34:21} + "And the eldersª of that¹ cityª shall bring downª°¹ the heiferª unto¹ a roughª valley,ª which¹ is neither¹ earedª° nor¹ sown,ª° and shall strike off²°¹¹ the heifer'sª neck²°¹ there¹ in the valley:ª" {Deu 21:4} + "And he will appointª° him captainsª over thousands,ª and captainsª over fifties;ª and [will set them] to earª° his ground,ª and to reapª° his harvest,ª and to makeª° his instrumentsª of war,ª and instrumentsª of his chariots.ª" {1Sm 8:12} + "The oxenª likewise and the young assesª that earª° the groundª shall eatª° cleanª provender,ª which¹ hath been winnowedª° with the shovelª and with the fan.ª" {Isa 30:24}

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