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{Exodus 14:25} And took off 5493 z8686 x853 their chariot 4818 wheels, 212 that they drave 5090 z8762 them heavily: 3517 so that the Egyptians 4714 said, 559 z8799 Let us flee 5127 z8799 from the face 6440 x4480 of Israel; 3478 for x3588 the LORD 3068 fighteth 3898 z8737 for them against the Egyptians. 4714
took off:
"And the LORDª discomfitedª°¹ Sisera,ª and all¹ [his] chariots,ª and all¹ [his] host,ª with the edgeª of the swordª beforeª Barak;ª so that Siseraª lighted downª° off¹¹ [his] chariot,ª and fled awayª° on his feet.ª" {Jdg 4:15} + "He maketh warsª to ceaseª° unto¹ the endª of the earth;ª he breakethª° the bow,ª and cuttethª° the spearª in sunder;²° he burnethª° the chariotª in the fire.ª" {Psa 46:9} + "At thy rebuke,ª¹ O Godª of Jacob,ª both the chariotª and horseª are cast into a dead sleep.ª°" {Psa 76:6} + "And with thee will I break in piecesª° the horseª and his rider;ª° and with thee will I break in piecesª° the chariotª and his rider;ª°" {Jer 51:21}
that they drave them heavily:
or, and made them to go heavily
Let us flee:
"But the eyesª of the wickedª shall fail,ª° and they shall not escape,ªª°¹ and their hopeª [shall be as] the giving upª of the ghost.ª" {Job 11:20} + "He shall fleeª° from the ironª weapon,ª¹ [and] the bowª of steelª shall strike him through.ª°" {Job 20:24} + "For [God] shall castª° upon¹ him, and not¹ spare:ª° he would fain²° fleeª° out of his hand.ª¹" {Job 27:22} + "Kingsª of armiesª did flee²° apace:ª° and she that tarriedª at homeª dividedª° the spoil.ª" {Psa 68:12} + "But I will kindleª° a fireª in the wallª of Rabbah,ª and it shall devourª° the palacesª thereof, with shoutingª in the dayª of battle,ª with a tempestª in the dayª of the whirlwind:ª" {Ams 1:14} + "As if¹ a manª did fleeª° fromª¹ a lion,ª and a bearª metª° him; or wentª° into the house,ª and leanedª° his handª on¹ the wall,ª and a serpentª bitª° him." {Ams 5:19} + "I sawª°¹ the Lordª standingª° upon¹ the altar:ª and he said,ª° Smiteª° the lintel¹ of the door,² that the postsª may shake:ª° and cutª° them in the head,ª all¹ of them; and I will slayª° the lastª of them with the sword:ª he that fleethª° of them shall not¹ flee away,ª° and he that escapethª of them shall not¹ be delivered.ª°" {Ams 9:1}
for the LORD[YHWH]:
"The LORDª shall fightª° for you, and ye¹ shall hold your peace.ª°" {Exd 14:14} + "Ye shall not¹ fearª° them: for¹ the LORDª your Godª he¹ shall fightª° for you." {Deu 3:22} + "And the Philistinesª were afraid,ª° for¹ they said,ª° Godª is comeª° into¹ the camp.ª And they said,ª° Woeª unto us! for¹ there hath not¹ been¹ such a thing¹ heretofore.ªª ... Woeª unto us! who¹ shall deliverª° us out of the handª¹ of these¹ mightyª Gods?ª these¹ [are] the Godsª that smoteª°¹ the Egyptiansª with all¹ the plaguesª in the wilderness.ª" {1Sm 4:7-8}

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