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{Leviticus 2:2} And he shall bring 935 z8689 it to x413 Aaron's 175 sons 1121 the priests: 3548 and he shall take 7061 z8804 thereout 8033 x4480 his handful 7062 4393 of the flour 5560 x4480 thereof, and of the oil 8081 x4480 thereof, with x5921 all x3605 the frankincense 3828 thereof; and the priest 3548 shall burn 6999 z8689 x853 the memorial 234 of it upon the altar, 4196 [to be] an offering made by fire, 801 of a sweet 5207 savour 7381 unto the LORD: 3068
the memorial:
"And the priestª shall takeª° from¹ the meat offeringª¹ a memorialª thereof, and shall burnª° [it] upon the altar:ª [it is] an offering made by fire,ª of a sweetª savourª unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 2:9} + "Then shall he bringª° it to¹ the priest,ª and the priestª shall takeª° his handfulªª of¹ it, [even]¹ a memorialª thereof, and burnª° [it] on the altar,ª according to¹ the offerings made by fireª unto the LORD:ª it¹ [is] a sin offering.ª" {Lev 5:12} + "And he shall takeª° of¹ it his handful,ª of the flourª¹ of the meat offering,ª and of the oilª¹ thereof, and all¹ the frankincenseª which¹ [is] upon¹ the meat offering,ª and shall burnª° [it] upon the altarª [for] a sweetª savour,ª [even] the memorialª of it, unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 6:15} + "And thou shalt putª° pureª frankincenseª upon¹ [each] row,ª that it may be¹ on the breadª for a memorial,ª [even] an offering made by fireª unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 24:7} + "And thou shalt takeª°¹ the atonementª moneyª of¹¹ the childrenª of Israel,ª and shalt appointª° it for¹ the serviceª of the tabernacleª of the congregation;ª that it may be¹ a memorialª unto the childrenª of Israelª beforeª the LORD,ª to make an atonementª° for¹ your souls.ª" {Exd 30:16} + "And the priestª shall setª°¹ the womanª beforeª the LORD,ª and uncoverª°¹ the woman'sª head,ª and putª°¹ the offeringª of memorialª in¹ her hands,ª which¹ [is] the jealousyª offering:ª and the priestª shall have¹ in his handª the bitterª waterª that causeth the curse:ª°" {Num 5:18} + "Rememberª° me, O my God,ª concerning¹ this,¹ and wipe not outª°¹ my good² deeds¹ that¹ I have doneª° for the houseª of my God,ª and for the officesª thereof." {Neh 13:14} + "And I commandedª° the Levitesª that¹ they should¹ cleanse²° themselves,¹ and [that] they should comeª° [and] keepª° the gates,ª to sanctifyª°¹ the sabbathª day.ª Rememberª° me, O my God,ª [concerning] this¹ also,¹ and spareª°¹ me according to the greatnessª of thy mercy.ª" {Neh 13:22} + "He that killethª° an oxª [is as if] he slewª° a man;ª he that sacrificethª° a lamb,ª [as if] he cut off²° a dog's² neck;ª°¹ he that offerethª° an oblation,ª [as if he offered] swine'sª blood;ª he that burnethª° incense,ª [as if] he blessedª° an idol.ª Yea,¹ they¹ have chosenª° their own ways,ª and their soulª delightethª° in their abominations.ª" {Isa 66:3} + "Andª when he¹ lookedª° on him,ª he¹ wasª° afraid,ª and² said,ª° Whatª is¹ it,²° Lord?ª Andª he saidª° unto him,ª Thyª prayersª andª thineª almsª are come upª° forª a memorialª beforeª God.ª" {Act 10:4}

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