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{Leviticus 18:8} The nakedness 6172 of thy father's 1 wife 802 shalt thou not x3808 uncover: 1540 z8762 it x1931 [is] thy father's 1 nakedness. 6172
"And the manª that¹ liethª° with¹ his father'sª wifeª hath uncoveredª° his father'sª nakedness:ª bothª of them shall surely²° be put to death;ª° their bloodª [shall be] upon them." {Lev 20:11} + "And it came to pass,¹ when Israelª dweltª° in that¹ land,ª that Reubenª went²°¹ and lay²° with¹¹ Bilhahª his father'sª concubine:ª and Israelª heardª° [it]. Now the sonsª of Jacobª were¹ twelve:ªª" {Gen 35:22} + "Unstableª as water,ª thou shalt not¹ excel;ª° because¹ thou wentest upª° to thy father'sª bed;ª then¹ defiledst¹ thou²° [it]: he went upª° to my couch.ª" {Gen 49:4} + "A manª shall not¹ takeª°¹ his father'sª wife,ª nor¹ discoverª° his father'sª skirt.ª" {Deu 22:30} + "Cursedª° [be] he that liethª° with¹ his father'sª wife;ª because¹ he uncoverethª° his father'sª skirt.ª And all¹ the peopleª shall say,ª° Amen.ª" {Deu 27:20} + "And Ahithophelª saidª° unto¹ Absalom,ª Go¹ in²° unto¹ thy father'sª concubines,ª which¹ he hath left²°¹ to keepª° the house;ª and all¹ Israelª shall hearª° that¹ thou art abhorredª° of¹ thy father:ª then shall the handsª of all¹ that¹ [are] with¹ thee be strong.ª° ... So they spreadª° Absalomª a tentª upon¹ the top¹ of the house;² and Absalomª went¹ in²° unto¹ his father'sª concubinesª in the sightª of all¹ Israel.ª" {2Sm 16:21-22} + "In thee have they discoveredª° their fathers'ª nakedness:ª in thee have they humbledª° her that was set apartª for pollution.ª" {Ezk 22:10} + "That pantª° after¹ the dustª of the earthª on the headª of the poor,ª and turn asideª° the wayª of the meek:ª and a manª and his fatherª will go²° in¹ unto¹ the [same] maid,ª to¹ profaneª°¹ my holyª name:ª" {Ams 2:7} + "It is reportedª° commonlyª [that there is] fornicationª amongª you,ª andª suchª fornicationª asª is²° not so much² as¹ namedª° amongª the¹ Gentiles,ª thatª oneª should haveª° his father'sª wife.ª" {1Co 5:1}

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