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{Numbers 8:22} And after 310 that x3651 went y935 z8804 the Levites y3881 in x935 x3881 to do 5647 z8800 x853 their service 5656 in the tabernacle 168 of the congregation 4150 before 6440 Aaron, 175 and before 6440 his sons: 1121 as x834 the LORD 3068 had commanded 6680 z8765 x853 Moses 4872 concerning x5921 the Levites, 3881 so x3651 did 6213 z8804 they unto them.
after that:
"And afterª that¹ shall the Levitesª go inª° to do the serviceª°¹ of the tabernacleª of the congregation:ª and thou shalt cleanseª° them, and offerª° them [for] an offering.ª" {Num 8:15} + "Then they killedª° the passoverª on the fourteenthªª [day] of the secondª month:ª and the priestsª and the Levitesª were ashamed,ª° and sanctified²° themselves,¹ and brought inª° the burnt offeringsª into the houseª of the LORD.ª ... For¹ [there were] manyª in the congregationª that¹ were not¹ sanctified:ª° therefore the Levitesª had the charge of¹ the killingª of the passoversª for every one¹ [that was] not¹ clean,ª to sanctifyª° [them] unto the LORD.ª" {2Ch 30:15-17} + "Then the priestsª the Levitesª aroseª° and blessedª°¹ the people:ª and their voiceª was heard,ª° and their prayerª cameª° [up] to his holyª dwelling place,ª [even] unto heaven.ª" {2Ch 30:27} + "And Hezekiahª appointedª°¹ the coursesª of the priestsª and the Levitesª after¹ their courses,ª every manª according² to¹ his service,ª the priestsª and Levitesª for burnt offeringsª and for peace offerings,ª to minister,ª° and to give thanks,ª° and to praiseª° in the gatesª of the tentsª of the LORD.ª" {2Ch 31:2} + "And his princesª gaveª° willinglyª unto the people,ª to the priests,ª and to the Levites:ª Hilkiahª and Zechariahª and Jehiel,ª rulersª of the houseª of God,ª gaveª° unto the priestsª for the passover offeringsª two thousandª and sixª hundredª [small cattle], and threeª hundredª oxen.ª ... And the singersª° the sonsª of Asaphª [were] in¹ their place,ª according to the commandmentª of David,ª and Asaph,ª and Heman,ª and Jeduthunª the king'sª seer;ª and the portersª [waited] at every gate;ª they might not¹ departª° from¹¹ their service;ª for¹ their brethrenª the Levitesª preparedª° for them." {2Ch 35:8-15}
as the LORD[YHWH]:
"And the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ Moses,ª saying,ª° ... But shall ministerª° with¹ their brethrenª in the tabernacleª of the congregation,ª to keepª° the charge,ª and shall doª° no¹ service.ª Thus¹ shalt thou doª° unto the Levitesª touching their charge.ª" {Num 8:5-26}

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