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{Numbers 12:16} And afterward 310 the people 5971 removed 5265 z8804 from Hazeroth, 2698 x4480 and pitched 2583 z8799 in the wilderness 4057 of Paran. 6290
"[And] the peopleª journeyedª° from Kibrothhattaavahª¹ unto Hazeroth;ª and abode¹ at Hazeroth.ª" {Num 11:35} + "And they departedª° from Hazeroth,ª¹ and pitchedª° in Rithmah.ª" {Num 33:18}
The exact situation of this place is unknown. Dr. Shaw computes it to be three days' journey, i.e., thirty miles from Sinai. From this passage, it appears that the wilderness of Paran commenced immediately upon their leaving this station. Calmet observes, that there is a town called Hazor in Arabia Petrea, in all probability the same as Hazerim, the ancient habitation of the Hivites ("And the Avims²¹ which dweltª° in Hazerim,ª [even] unto¹ Azzah,ª the Caphtorims,ª which came forthª° out of Caphtor,ª¹ destroyedª° them, and dweltª° in their stead.)¹" {Deu 2:23}); and likewise, according to all appearances, the Hazeroth, where the Hebrews encamped.
the wilderness:
"And the childrenª of Israelª tookª° their journeysª out of the wildernessª¹ of Sinai;ª and the cloudª restedª° in the wildernessª of Paran.ª" {Num 10:12} + "And Mosesª by¹ the commandmentª of the LORDª sentª° them from the wildernessª¹ of Paran:ª all¹ those¹ men²¹ [were]² headsª of the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Num 13:3} + "And they went²°¹ and cameª° to¹ Moses,ª and to¹ Aaron,ª and to¹ all¹ the congregationª of the childrenª of Israel,ª unto¹ the wildernessª of Paran,ª to Kadesh;ª and brought backª° wordª unto them, and unto all¹ the congregation,ª and shewedª° them¹ the fruitª of the land.ª" {Num 13:26} + "And he dweltª° in the wildernessª of Paran:ª and his motherª tookª° him a wifeª out of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {Gen 21:21} + "And Samuelª died;ª° and all¹ the Israelitesª were gathered together,ª° and lamentedª° him, and buriedª° him in his houseª at Ramah.ª And Davidª arose,ª° and went downª° to¹ the wildernessª of Paran.ª" {1Sm 25:1} + "Godª cameª° from Teman,ª¹ and the Holy Oneª from mountª¹ Paran.ª Selah.ª His gloryª coveredª° the heavens,ª and the earthª was fullª° of his praise.ª" {Hab 3:3}

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