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{Numbers 21:2} And Israel 3478 vowed 5087 z8799 a vow 5088 unto the LORD, 3068 and said, 559 z8799 If x518 thou wilt indeed y5414 z8800 deliver 5414 z8799 x853 this x2088 people 5971 into my hand, 3027 then I will utterly destroy 2763 z8689 x853 their cities. 5892
"And Jacobª vowedª° a vow,ª saying,ª° If¹ Godª will be¹ with¹ me, and will keep¹ me²° in this¹ wayª that¹ I¹ go,ª° and will giveª° me breadª to eat,ª° and raimentª to put on,ª°" {Gen 28:20} + "And Jephthahª vowedª° a vowª unto the LORD,ª and said,ª° If¹ thou shalt without fail²° deliverª°¹ the childrenª of Ammonª into mine hands,ª" {Jdg 11:30} + "And she vowedª° a vow,ª and said,ª° O LORDª of hosts,ª if¹ thou wilt indeed²° lookª° on the afflictionª of thine handmaid,ª and rememberª° me, and not¹ forgetª°¹ thine handmaid,ª but wilt giveª° unto thine handmaidª a man²¹ child,ª then I will giveª° him unto the LORDª all¹ the daysª of his life,ª and there shall no¹ razorª comeª° upon¹ his head.ª" {1Sm 1:11} + "And it came to pass¹ afterª¹ fortyª years,ª that Absalomª saidª° unto¹ the king,ª I pray thee,¹ let me go²°¹ and payª°¹ my vow,ª which¹ I have vowedª° unto the LORD,ª in Hebron.ª ... For¹ thy servantª vowedª° a vowª while I abodeª° at Geshurª in Syria,ª saying,ª° If¹ the LORDª shall bring me againª°°° indeed to Jerusalem,ª then I will serveª°¹ the LORD.ª" {2Sm 15:7-8} + "Thy vowsª [are] upon¹ me, O God:ª I will renderª° praisesª unto thee. ... For¹ thou hast deliveredª° my soulª from death:ª¹ [wilt] not¹ [thou deliver] my feetª from falling,ª¹ that I may walkª° beforeª Godª in the lightª of the living?ª" {Psa 56:12-13} + "I will payª° my vowsª unto the LORDª now¹ in the presence¹ of all¹ his people,ª" {Psa 116:18} + "How¹ he swareª° unto the LORD,ª [and] vowedª° unto the mightyª [God] of Jacob;ª" {Psa 132:2}
I will:
"Notwithstanding¹ no¹¹ devoted thing,ª that¹ a manª shall devoteª° unto the LORDª of all¹¹ that¹ he hath, [both] of manª¹ and beast,ª and of the fieldª¹ of his possession,ª shall be soldª° or redeemed:ª° every¹ devoted thingª [is] most² holyª unto the LORD.ª ... None¹¹ devoted,ª which¹ shall be² devotedª° of¹ men,ª shall be redeemed;ª° [but] shall surely²° be put to death.ª°" {Lev 27:28-29} + "Thou shalt surely²° smiteª°¹ the inhabitantsª° of that¹ cityª with the edgeª of the sword,ª destroying it utterly,ª°¹ and all¹ that¹ [is] therein, and the cattleª thereof, with the edgeª of the sword.ª" {Deu 13:15} + "And the cityª shall be¹ accursed,ª [even] it,¹ and all¹ that¹ [are] therein, to the LORD:ª only¹ Rahabª the harlotª° shall live,ª° she¹ and all¹ that¹ [are] with¹ her in the house,ª because¹ she hidª°¹ the messengersª that¹ we sent.ª°" {Jsh 6:17} + "And Joshuaª adjuredª° [them] at that¹ time,ª saying,ª° Cursedª° [be] the manª beforeª the LORD,ª that¹ riseth upª° and buildethª°¹ this¹ cityª¹ Jericho:ª he shall lay the foundationª° thereof in his firstborn,ª and in his youngestª [son] shall he set upª° the gatesª of it." {Jsh 6:26} + "If any manª loveª° notª the¹ Lordª Jesusª Christ,ª let him beª° Anathemaª Maranatha.ª" {1Co 16:22}

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