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{Numbers 21:18} The princes 8269 digged 2658 z8804 the well, 875 the nobles 5081 of the people 5971 digged 3738 z8804 it, by [the direction of] the lawgiver, 2710 z8781 with their staves. 4938 And from the wilderness 4057 x4480 [they went] to Mattanah: 4980
"Also in the thirdª yearª of his reignª° he sentª° to his princes,ª [even] to Benhail,ª and to Obadiah,ª and to Zechariah,ª and to Nethaneel,ª and to Michaiah,ª to teachª° in the citiesª of Judah.ª ... And they taughtª° in Judah,ª and [had] the bookª of the lawª of the LORDª with¹ them, and went aboutª° throughout all¹ the citiesª of Judah,ª and taughtª° the people.ª" {2Ch 17:7-9} + "Then Eliashibª the highª priestª rose upª° with his brethrenª the priests,ª and they buildedª°¹ the sheepª gate;ª they¹ sanctifiedª° it, and set upª° the doorsª of it; even unto¹ the towerª of Meahª they sanctifiedª° it, unto¹ the towerª of Hananeel.ª" {Neh 3:1} + "And next¹ unto¹ them² the Tekoitesª repaired;ª° but their noblesª putª° not¹ their necksª to the workª of their Lord.ª" {Neh 3:5} + "Chargeª° them that are richª inª this² world,ª¹ that they be²° not² highminded,ª°¹ norª trustª° inª uncertainª riches,ª butª inª the¹ livingª° God,ª who² givethª° usª richlyª all thingsª toª enjoy;ª ... That they do good,ª° that they be richª° inª goodª works,ª¹ ready to distribute,ª²° willing to communicate;ª" {1Tm 6:17-18}
the lawgiver:
"But as for thee,¹ standª° thou here¹ by¹ me,² and I will speakª° unto¹ thee¹ all¹ the commandments,ª and the statutes,ª and the judgments,ª which¹ thou shalt teachª° them, that they may doª° [them] in the landª which¹ I¹ giveª° them to possessª° it." {Deu 5:31} + "Mosesª commandedª° us a law,ª [even] the inheritanceª of the congregationª of Jacob.ª" {Deu 33:4} + "For¹ the LORDª [is] our judge,ª° the LORDª [is] our lawgiver,ª° the LORDª [is] our king;ª he¹ will saveª° us." {Isa 33:22} + "Forª the¹ lawª was givenª° byª Moses,ª [but] graceª andª truthª cameª° byª Jesusª Christ.ª" {Jhn 1:17} + "There isª° oneª lawgiver,ª who² is ableª° to saveª° andª to destroy:ª° whoª artª° thouª thatª judgestª° another?ª" {Jms 4:12}
And from:
"And they departedª° from Iim,ª¹ and pitchedª° in Dibongad.ª ... And they removedª° from Almondiblathaim,ª¹ and pitchedª° in the mountainsª of Abarim,ª beforeª Nebo.ª" {Num 33:45-47}

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