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{Numbers 21:24} And Israel 3478 smote 5221 z8686 him with the edge 6310 of the sword, 2719 and possessed 3423 z8799 x853 his land 776 from Arnon 769 x4480 unto x5704 Jabbok, 2999 even unto x5704 the children 1121 of Ammon: 5983 for x3588 the border 1366 of the children 1121 of Ammon 5983 [was] strong. 5794
"Now the childrenª of Reubenª and the childrenª of Gadª had¹ a veryª greatª multitudeª of cattle:ª and when they sawª°¹ the landª of Jazer,ª and the landª of Gilead,ª that, behold,¹ the placeª [was] a placeª for cattle;ª ... [Even] the countryª which¹ the LORDª smoteª° beforeª the congregationª of Israel,ª [is] a landª for cattle,ª and thy servantsª have cattle:ª" {Num 32:1-4} + "And Mosesª gaveª° unto them, [even] to the childrenª of Gad,ª and to the childrenª of Reuben,ª and unto halfª the tribeª of Manassehª the sonª of Joseph,ª¹ the kingdomª of Sihonª kingª of the Amorites,ª and the kingdomª of Ogª kingª of Bashan,ª the land,ª with the citiesª thereof in the coasts,ª [even] the citiesª of the countryª round about.ª ... And Nobahª wentª° and tookª°¹ Kenath,ª and the villagesª thereof, and calledª° it Nobah,ª after his own name.ª" {Num 32:33-42} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Behold,ª° I have begunª° to giveª°¹ Sihonª and his landª beforeª thee: beginª° to possess,ª° that thou mayest inheritª°¹ his land.ª ... Only¹ unto¹ the landª of the childrenª of Ammonª thou camestª° not,¹ [nor] unto any¹ placeª of the riverª Jabbok,ª nor unto the citiesª in the mountains,ª nor unto whatsoever¹ the LORDª our Godª forbadª° us." {Deu 2:31-37} + "And when ye cameª° unto¹ this¹ place,ª Sihonª the kingª of Heshbon,ª and Ogª the kingª of Bashan,ª came outª° againstª° us unto battle,ª and we smoteª° them:" {Deu 29:7} + "And all¹ that¹ he didª° to the twoª kingsª of the Amorites,ª that¹ [were] beyondª Jordan,ª to Sihonª kingª of Heshbon,ª and to Ogª kingª of Bashan,ª which¹ [was] at Ashtaroth.ª" {Jsh 9:10} + "Now these¹ [are] the kingsª of the land,ª which¹ the childrenª of Israelª smote,ª° and possessedª°¹ their landª on the other sideª Jordanª toward the risingª of the sun,ª from the riverª¹ Arnonª unto¹ mountª Hermon,ª and all¹ the plainª on the east:ª ... And from the plainª to¹ the seaª of Chinnerothª on the east,ª and unto¹ the seaª of the plain,ª [even] the saltª seaª on the east,ª the wayª to Bethjeshimoth;ª and from the south,ª¹ under¹ Ashdothpisgah:ª°²" {Jsh 12:1-3} + "With¹ whom the Reubenitesª and the Gaditesª have receivedª° their inheritance,ª which¹ Mosesª gaveª° them, beyondª Jordanª eastward,ª [even] as¹ Mosesª the servantª of the LORDª gaveª° them; ... And all¹ the citiesª of Sihonª kingª of the Amorites,ª which¹ reignedª° in Heshbon,ª unto¹ the borderª of the childrenª of Ammon;ª" {Jsh 13:8-10} + "And I broughtª° you into¹ the landª of the Amorites,ª which dweltª° on the other sideª Jordan;ª and they foughtª° with¹ you: and I gaveª° them into your hand,ª that ye might possessª°¹ their land;ª and I destroyedª° them from beforeª¹ you." {Jsh 24:8} + "And the LORDª Godª of Israelª deliveredª°¹ Sihonª and all¹ his peopleª into the handª of Israel,ª and they smoteª° them: so Israelª possessedª°¹ all¹ the landª of the Amorites,ª the inhabitantsª° of that¹ country.ª ... So now¹ the LORDª Godª of Israelª hath dispossessedª°¹ the Amoritesª from beforeª¹ his peopleª Israel,ª and shouldest thou¹ possessª° it?" {Jdg 11:21-23} + "And the menª of Ephraimª gathered themselves together,ª° and wentª° northward,ª and saidª° unto Jephthah,ª Wherefore¹ passedst thou overª° to fightª° against the childrenª of Ammon,ª and didst not¹ callª° us to go²°¹ with¹ thee? we will burnª° thine houseª upon¹ thee with fire.ª ... And Jephthahª saidª° unto¹ them, I¹ and my peopleª wereª° at great² strifeªª¹ with the childrenª of Ammon;ª and when I calledª° you, ye deliveredª° me not¹ out of their hands.ª¹" {Jdg 12:1-2} + "And they said,ª° What¹ oneª [is there] of the tribesª¹ of Israelª that¹ came not upª°¹ to Mizpehª to¹ the LORD?ª And, behold,¹ there cameª° noneª¹ to¹ the campª from Jabeshgileadªª¹ to¹ the assembly.ª" {Jdg 21:8} + "Moreover thou gavestª° them kingdomsª and nations,ª and didst divideª° them into corners:ª so they possessedª°¹ the landª of Sihon,ª and the landª of the kingª of Heshbon,ª and the landª of Ogª kingª of Bashan.ª" {Neh 9:22} + "Who smoteª°¹ greatª nations,ª and slewª° mightyª kings;ª ... And gaveª° their landª [for] an heritage,ª an heritageª unto Israelª his people.ª" {Psa 135:10-12} + "Sihonª kingª of the Amorites:ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª" {Psa 136:19} + "Yet destroyedª° I¹¹ the Amoriteª beforeª¹ them, whose¹ heightª [was] like the heightª of the cedars,ª and he¹ [was] strongª as the oaks;ª yet I destroyedª° his fruitª from above,ª¹ and his rootsª from beneath.¹¹" {Ams 2:9}
"From thence¹¹ they removed,ª° and pitchedª° on the other sideª¹ of Arnon,ª which¹ [is] in the wildernessª that cometh outª° of the coastsª¹ of the Amorites:ª for¹ Arnonª [is] the borderª of Moab,ª between¹ Moabª and the Amorites.ª" {Num 21:13} + "And he rose upª° that¹ night,ª and tookª°¹ his twoª wives,ª and his twoª womenservants,ª and his elevenªª sons,ª and passed overª°¹ the fordª Jabbok.ª" {Gen 32:22} + "And unto the Reubenitesª and unto the Gaditesª I gaveª° from¹ Gileadª even unto¹ the riverª Arnonª halfª the valley,ª and the borderª even unto¹ the riverª Jabbok,ª [which is] the borderª of the childrenª of Ammon;ª" {Deu 3:16}

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