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{Joshua 7:7} And Joshua 3091 said, 559 z8799 Alas, x162 O y162 Lord 136 GOD, 3069 wherefore x4100 hast thou at all y5674 z8687 brought 5674 z0 x853 this x2088 people 5971 over 5674 z8689 x853 Jordan, 3383 to deliver 5414 z8800 us into the hand 3027 of the Amorites, 567 to destroy 6 z8687 us? would to God 3863 we had been content, 2974 z8689 and dwelt 3427 z8799 on the other side 5676 Jordan! 3383
"And Mosesª returnedª° unto¹ the LORD,ª and said,ª° Lord,ª wherefore¹ hast thou [so] evil entreatedª° this¹ people?ª why¹ [is] it¹ [that] thou hast sentª° me? ... For since¹¹ I cameª° to¹ Pharaohª to speakª° in thy name,ª he hath done evilª° to this¹ people;ª neither¹ hast thou deliveredª°¹ thy peopleª at all.ª°" {Exd 5:22-23} + "And wherefore¹ hath the LORDª broughtª° us unto¹ this¹ land,ª to fallª° by the sword,ª that our wivesª and our childrenª should be¹ a prey?ª were it not¹ betterª for us to returnª° into Egypt?ª" {Num 14:3} + "And the kingª of Israelª said,ª° Alas!ª that¹ the LORDª hath calledª° these¹ threeª kingsª together,²° to deliverª° them into the handª of Moab!ª" {2Kg 3:10} + "I¹ saidª° in my haste,ª° All¹ menª [are] liars.ª°" {Psa 116:11} + "Righteousª [art] thou,¹ O LORD,ª when¹ I pleadª° with¹ thee: yet¹ let me talkª° with¹ thee of [thy] judgments:ª Wherefore¹ doth the wayª of the wickedª prosper?ª° [wherefore] are all¹ they happyª° that deal very² treacherously?ª°¹ ... Thou hast plantedª° them, yea,¹ they have taken root:ª° they grow,²°¹ yea,¹ they bring forthª° fruit:ª thou¹ [art] nearª in their mouth,ª and far¹ from² their reins.ª¹" {Jer 12:1-2} + "Andª ye have forgottenª° the¹ exhortationª whichª speakethª° unto youª asª unto children,ª Myª son,ª despiseª° notª thou²° the chasteningª of the Lord,ª norª faintª° when thou art rebukedª° ofª him:ª" {Hbr 12:5}
to deliver:
"And they saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Because¹¹ [there were] no¹ gravesª in Egypt,ª hast thou taken us awayª° to dieª° in the wilderness?ª wherefore²¹ hast thou dealtª° thus¹ with us, to carry us forthª° out of Egypt?ª¹ ... [Is] not¹ this¹ the wordª that¹ we did tellª°¹ thee in Egypt,ª saying,ª° Let us alone,ª°¹ that we may serveª°¹ the Egyptians?ª For¹ [it had been] betterª for us to serveª°¹ the Egyptians,ª than that we should dieª°¹ in the wilderness.ª" {Exd 14:11-12} + "And the peopleª thirstedª° there¹ for water;ª and the peopleª murmuredª° against¹ Moses,ª and said,ª° Wherefore¹ [is] this¹ [that] thou hast brought²° us up¹ out of Egypt,ª¹ to killª° us and our childrenª and our cattleª with thirst?ª" {Exd 17:3} + "And why¹ have ye brought upª°¹ the congregationª of the LORDª into¹ this¹ wilderness,ª that we¹ and our cattleª should dieª° there?¹ ... And wherefore¹ have ye made us to come upª° out of Egypt,ª¹ to bring²° us in¹¹ unto¹ this¹ evilª place?ª it [is] no¹ placeª of seed,ª or of figs,ª or of vines,ª or of pomegranates;ª neither¹ [is] there any waterª to drink.ª°" {Num 20:4-5} + "Thenª Jesusª answeredª° and said,ª° Oª faithlessª andª perverseª° generation,ª how longªª shall I beª° withª you?ª how longªª shall I sufferª° you?ª bringª° himª hitherª to me.ª" {Mtt 17:17} + "Andª Jesusª saidª° unto them,ª Becauseª of yourª unbelief:ª forª verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª Ifª ye haveª° faithª asª a grain²¹ of mustard seed,ª ye shall sayª° unto thisª mountain,ª Removeª° henceª to yonder place;ª andª it shall remove;ª° andª nothingª shall be impossibleª° unto you.ª" {Mtt 17:20} + "Andª when Jesusª knewª° [it], he saithª° unto them,ª Whyª reason¹ ye,²° becauseª ye haveª° noª bread?ª perceive¹ ye²° not yet,ª neitherª understand?ª° have¹ ye²° yourª heartª yetª hardened?ª° ... Havingª° eyes,ª see¹ ye²° not?ª and²¹ havingª° ears,ª hear¹ ye²° not?ª andª do ye²° notª remember?ª°" {Mrk 8:17-18}
would to:
"And the childrenª of Israelª saidª° unto¹ them, Would to Godªª° we had diedª° by the handª of the LORDª in the landª of Egypt,ª when we satª° by¹ the fleshª pots,ª [and] when we did eatª° breadª to the full;ª for¹ ye have brought us forthª°¹ into¹ this¹ wilderness,ª to killª°¹ this¹ whole¹ assemblyª with hunger.ª" {Exd 16:3}
and dwelt:
"Mosesª my servantª is dead;ª° now¹ therefore arise,ª° go overª°¹ this¹ Jordan,ª thou,¹ and all¹ this¹ people,ª unto¹ the landª which¹ I¹ do giveª° to them, [even] to the childrenª of Israel.ª ... From the wildernessª¹ and this¹ Lebanonª even unto¹ the greatª river,ª the riverª Euphrates,ª all¹ the landª of the Hittites,ª and unto¹ the greatª seaª toward the going downª of the sun,ª shall be¹ your coast.ª" {Jsh 1:2-4}

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