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{Judges 3:27} And it came to pass, x1961 when he was come, 935 z8800 that he blew 8628 z8799 a trumpet 7782 in the mountain 2022 of Ephraim, 669 and the children 1121 of Israel 3478 went down 3381 z8799 with x5973 him from x4480 the mount, 2022 and he x1931 before 6440 them.
he blew:
"Out of¹ Ephraimª [was there] a rootª of them against Amalek;ª afterª thee, Benjamin,ª among thy people;ª out of¹ Machirª came downª° governors,ª° and out of Zebulunª¹ they that handleª° the penª of the writer.ª°" {Jdg 5:14} + "But the Spiritª of the LORDª came²° upon¹¹ Gideon,ª and he blewª° a trumpet;ª and Abiezerª was gatheredª° afterª him." {Jdg 6:34} + "And Jonathan²¹ smoteª°¹ the garrisonª of the Philistinesª that¹ [was] in Geba,ª and the Philistinesª heardª° [of it]. And Saulª blewª° the trumpetª throughout all¹ the land,ª saying,ª° Let the Hebrewsª hear.ª°" {1Sm 13:3} + "Then the womanª wentª° unto¹ all¹ the peopleª in her wisdom.ª And they cut offª°¹ the headª of Shebaª the sonª of Bichri,ª and cast²° [it] out¹ to¹ Joab.ª And he blewª° a trumpet,ª and they retiredª° from¹¹ the city,ª every manª to his tent.ª And Joabª returnedª° to Jerusalemª unto¹ the king.ª" {2Sm 20:22} + "Then they hasted,ª° and tookª° every manª his garment,ª and putª° [it] under¹ him on¹ the topª of the stairs,ª and blewª° with trumpets,ª saying,ª° Jehuª is king.ª°" {2Kg 9:13}
"And Gideonª sentª° messengersª throughout all¹ mountª Ephraim,ª saying,ª° Come downª° againstª° the Midianites,ª and takeª° before them¹ the watersª unto¹ Bethbarahª and Jordan.ª Then all¹ the menª of Ephraimª gathered themselves together,ª° and tookª°¹ the watersª unto¹ Bethbarahª and Jordan.ª" {Jdg 7:24} + "And there was¹ a manª of mountª¹ Ephraim,ª whose nameª [was] Micah.ª" {Jdg 17:1} + "And it came to pass¹ in those¹ days,ª when [there was] no¹ kingª in Israel,ª that there was¹ a certainª Leviteª sojourningª° on the sideª of mountª Ephraim,ª who tookª° to him a concubineªª out of Bethlehemjudah.ªª¹" {Jdg 19:1} + "And Joshuaª answeredª°¹ them, If¹ thou¹ [be] a greatª people,ª [then] get thee upª° to the woodª [country], and cut downª° for thyself there¹ in the landª of the Perizzitesª and of the giants,ª if¹ mountª Ephraimª be too narrowª° for thee." {Jsh 17:15} + "But¹ the mountainª shall be¹ thine; for¹ it¹ [is] a wood,ª and thou shalt cut it down:ª° and the outgoingsª of it shall be¹ thine: for¹ thou shalt drive outª°¹ the Canaanites,ª though¹ they have ironª chariots,ª [and] though¹ they¹ [be] strong.ª" {Jsh 17:18}

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