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{Judges 6:31} And Joash 3101 said 559 z8799 unto all x3605 that x834 stood 5975 z8804 against x5921 him, Will ye x859 plead 7378 z8799 for Baal? 1168 will ye x859 save 3467 z8686 him? he that x834 will plead 7378 z8799 for him, let him be put to death 4191 z8714 whilst x5704 [it is yet] morning: 1242 if x518 he x1931 [be] a god, 430 let him plead 7378 z8799 for himself, because x3588 [one] hath cast down 5422 z8804 x853 his altar. 4196
Will ye plead:
The words are very emphatic: "Will ye plead in earnest (tereevoon) for Baal? Will ye really save (tosheeoon) him? If he be God (Elohim,) let him contend for himself, seeing his altar is thrown down." "Thou shalt not¹ followª¹ a multitudeª to [do] evil;ª neither¹ shalt thou speakª° in¹ a causeª to declineª° afterª manyª to wrestª° [judgment]:" {Exd 23:2} + "And Joshuaª the sonª of Nun,ª and Calebª the sonª of Jephunneh,ª [which were] of¹ them that searchedª°¹ the land,ª rentª° their clothes:ª" {Num 14:6} + "Andª have²° no² fellowshipª°¹ with the¹ unfruitfulª worksª of darkness,ª butª ratherªª reproveª° [them]." {Eph 5:11}
let him be:
"And that¹ prophet,ª or¹ that¹ dreamerª° of dreams,ª shall be put to death;ª° because¹ he hath spokenª° to turn² [you] away¹ from¹ the LORDª your God,ª which brought you outª°¹ of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª and redeemedª° you out of the houseª¹ of bondage,ª to thrustª° thee out of¹ the wayª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª commandedª° thee to walk¹ in.²° So shalt thou put²° the evil² awayª°¹ from the midstª¹ of thee. ... When¹ thou shalt hearkenª° to the voiceª of the LORDª thy God,ª to keepª°¹ all¹ his commandmentsª which¹ I¹ commandª° thee this day,ª to doª° [that which is] rightª in the eyesª of the LORDª thy God.ª" {Deu 13:5-18} + "If¹ there be foundª° amongª you, within anyª of thy gatesª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee, manª or¹ woman,ª that¹ hath wroughtª°¹ wickednessª in the sightª of the LORDª thy God,ª in transgressingª° his covenant,ª ... The handsª of the witnessesª shall be¹ firstª upon him to put him to death,ª° and afterwardª the handsª of all¹ the people.ª So thou shalt put²° the evil² awayª°¹ from amongª¹ you." {Deu 17:2-7} + "And Elijahª saidª° unto them, Takeª°¹ the prophetsª of Baal;ª let not¹ oneª of them¹ escape.ª° And they tookª° them: and Elijahª brought them downª° to¹ the brookª Kishon,ª and slewª° them there.¹" {1Kg 18:40}
if he be:
"And it came to pass¹ at noon,ª that Elijahª mockedª° them, and said,ª° Cryª° aloud:ªª for¹ he¹ [is] a god;ª either¹ he is talking,ª or¹ he is pursuing,ª or¹ he is in a journey,ª [or] peradventureª he¹ sleepeth,ª and must be awaked.ª°" {1Kg 18:27} + "And it came to pass,¹ when middayª was past,ª° and they prophesiedª° until¹ the [time] of the offeringª° of the [evening] sacrifice,ª that [there was] neither¹ voice,ª nor¹ any to answer,ª° nor¹ any that regarded.ª" {1Kg 18:29} + "Their idolsª [are] silverª and gold,ª the workª of men'sª hands.ª ... They have hands,ª but they handleª° not:¹ feetª have they, but they walkª° not:¹ neither¹ speakª° they through their throat.ª" {Psa 115:4-7} + "Shewª° the things that are to comeª° hereafter,ª that we may knowª° that¹ ye¹ [are] gods:ª yea,¹ do good,ª° or do evil,ª° that we may be dismayed,ª° and beholdª° [it] together.ª" {Isa 41:23} + "Belª boweth down,ª° Neboª stoopeth,ª° their idolsª were¹ upon the beasts,ª and upon the cattle:ª your carriagesª [were] heavy loaden;ª° [they are] a burdenª to the wearyª [beast]." {Isa 46:1} + "They bearª° him upon¹ the shoulder,ª they carryª° him, and set¹ him in his place,²°¹ and he standeth;ª° from his placeª¹ shall he not¹ remove:ª° yea,¹ [one] shall cryª° unto¹ him, yet can he not¹ answer,ª° nor¹ saveª° him out of his trouble.ª¹" {Isa 46:7} + "They¹ [are] uprightª as the palm tree,ª but speakª° not:¹ they must needs²° be borne,ª° because¹ they cannot¹ go.ª° Be not¹ afraidª° of¹ them; for¹ they cannot¹ do evil,ª° neither¹ also¹ [is it] in¹ them to do good.ª°" {Jer 10:5} + "Thusª shall ye sayª° unto them, The godsª that¹ have notª madeª° the heavensª and the earth,ª [even] they shall perishª° from the earth,ª¹ and from¹ underª theseª heavens.ª" {Jer 10:11} + "As concerningª thereforeª the¹ eatingª of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols,ª we knowª° that²¹ an idolª [is] nothingª inª the world,ª andª thatª [there is] noneª otherª Godª butª one.ª" {1Co 8:4}

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