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{Judges 16:5} And the lords 5633 of the Philistines 6430 came up 5927 z8799 unto x413 her, and said 559 z8799 unto her, Entice 6601 z8761 him, and see 7200 z8798 wherein x4100 his great 1419 strength 3581 [lieth], and by what x4100 [means] we may prevail 3201 z8799 against him, that we may bind 631 z8804 him to afflict 6031 z8763 him: and we x587 will give 5414 z8799 thee every one 376 of us eleven hundred 505 3967 [pieces] of silver. 3701
the lords:
"[Namely], fiveª lordsª of the Philistines,ª and all¹ the Canaanites,ª and the Sidonians,ª and the Hivitesª that dweltª° in mountª Lebanon,ª from mountª¹ Baalhermonª unto¹ the entering inª° of Hamath.ª" {Jdg 3:3} + "From¹ Sihor,ª which¹ [is] beforeª¹ Egypt,ª even unto¹ the bordersª of Ekronª northward,ª [which] is countedª° to the Canaanite:ª fiveª lordsª of the Philistines;ª the Gazathites,ª and the Ashdothites,ª the Eshkalonites,ª the Gittites,ª and the Ekronites;ª also the Avites:²¹" {Jsh 13:3} + "Then Achishª calledª°¹ David,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, Surely, [as] the LORDª liveth,ª thou¹ hast been upright,ª and thy going outª° and thy coming inª° with¹ me in the hostª [is] goodª in my sight:ª for¹ I have not¹ foundª° evilª in thee since the dayª¹ of thy comingª° unto¹ me unto¹ this¹ day:ª nevertheless the lordsª¹ favourª thee¹ not.²¹" {1Sm 29:6}
"And it came to pass¹ on the seventhª day,ª that they saidª° unto Samson'sª wife,ª Enticeª°¹ thy husband,ª that he may declareª° unto us¹ the riddle,ª lest¹ we burnª° thee and thy father'sª houseª with fire:ª have ye calledª° us to take that we have?ª° [is it] not¹ [so]?" {Jdg 14:15} + "To deliverª° thee from the strange²° woman,ª¹¹ [even] from the strangerª¹ [which] flatterethª° with her words;ª ... None¹¹ that go²° unto¹ her return again,ª° neither¹ take they holdª° of the pathsª of life.ª" {Prv 2:16-19} + "For¹ the lipsª of a strange womanª° dropª° [as] an honeycomb,ª and her mouthª [is] smootherª than oil:ª¹ ... And thou mournª° at the last,ª when thy fleshª and thy bodyª are consumed,ª°" {Prv 5:3-11} + "To keepª° thee from the evilª woman,ª¹ from the flatteryª¹ of the tongueª of a strange woman.ª ... For¹ by means¹ of² a whorishª° womanª [a man is brought] to¹ a pieceª of bread:ª and the adulteressªª will huntª° for the preciousª life.ª" {Prv 6:24-26} + "With her muchª fair speechª she caused him to yield,ª° with the flatteringª of her lipsª she forcedª° him. ... Her houseª [is] the wayª to hell,ª going downª° to¹ the chambersª of death.ª" {Prv 7:21-27} + "Know¹ ye²° notª thatª yourª bodiesª areª° the membersª of Christ?ª shall I²° thenª takeª° the¹ membersª of Christ,ª and makeª° [them] the membersª of an harlot?ª God forbid.ªª° ... Fleeª° fornication.ª Everyª sinª thatª² a manª doethª°¹ isª° withoutª the¹ body;ª butª he that committeth fornicationª° sinnethª° againstª his ownª body.ª" {1Co 6:15-18}
or, humble
we will:
"And he saidª° unto his mother,ª The eleven hundredªª [shekels] of silverª that¹ were takenª° from thee, about which thou¹ cursedst,ª° and spakestª° of also¹ in mine ears,ª behold,¹ the silverª [is] with¹ me; I¹ tookª° it. And his motherª said,ª° Blessedª° [be thou] of the LORD,ª my son.ª" {Jdg 17:2} + "So Esauª returnedª° that¹ dayª on his wayª unto Seir.ª" {Gen 33:16} + "For¹ I will promote²° thee unto very² great²° honour,ª°¹ and I will doª° whatsoever¹¹ thou sayestª° unto¹ me: come²°¹ therefore, I pray thee,¹ curseª° me¹ this¹ people.ª ... And Balaamª answeredª° and saidª° unto¹ the servantsª of Balak,ª If¹ Balakª would giveª° me his houseª fullª of silverª and gold,ª I cannotª°¹ go beyondª°¹ the wordª of the LORDª my God,ª to doª° lessª or¹ more.ª" {Num 22:17-18} + "That they may do evilª¹ with both handsª earnestly,ª° the princeª asketh,ª° and the judgeª° [asketh] for a reward;ª and the greatª [man], he¹ utterethª° his mischievousª desire:ª so they wrap it up.ª°" {Mic 7:3} + "And saidª° [unto them], Whatª will¹ ye²° giveª° me,ª and² I¹ will deliverª° himª unto you?ª Andª they¹ covenantedª° with himª for thirtyª pieces of silver.ª" {Mtt 26:15} + "Butª they that willª° be richª° fallª° intoª temptationª andª a snare,ª andª [into] manyª foolishª andª hurtfulª lusts,ª whichª drownª° menª inª destructionª andª perdition.ª ... Forª the¹ love of moneyª isª° the rootª of allª evil:ª whichª while someª coveted after,ª° they have erredª° fromª the¹ faith,ª andª pierced²° themselves² throughª°¹ with manyª sorrows.ª" {1Tm 6:9-10}

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