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{Judges 16:20} And she said, 559 z8799 The Philistines 6430 [be] upon x5921 thee, Samson. 8123 And he awoke 3364 z8799 out of his sleep, 8142 x4480 and said, 559 z8799 I will go out 3318 z8799 as at other times before, 6471 and shake y5287 z8735 myself. x5287 And he x1931 wist 3045 z8804 not x3808 that x3588 the LORD 3068 was departed 5493 z8804 from x4480 x5921 him.
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"And Samsonª layª° till¹ midnight,ªª and aroseª° at midnight,ªª and tookª° the doorsª of the gateª of the city,ª and the twoª posts,ª and went awayª° with them, bar² and all,¹¹ and putª° [them] upon¹ his shoulders,ª and carried them upª° to¹ the topª of an hillª that¹ [is] beforeª¹ Hebron.ª" {Jdg 16:3} + "Now [there were] men lying in wait,ª° abidingª° with her in the chamber.ª And she saidª° unto¹ him, The Philistinesª [be] upon¹ thee, Samson.ª And he brakeª°¹ the withs,ª as¹ a threadª of towª is brokenª° when it touchethª° the fire.ª So his strengthª was not¹ known.ª°" {Jdg 16:9} + "And she fastenedª° [it] with the pin,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, The Philistinesª [be] upon¹ thee, Samson.ª And he awakedª° out of his sleep,ª¹ and went awayª°¹ with the pinª of the beam,ª and with the web.ª" {Jdg 16:14} + "How¹ should oneª chaseª° a thousand,ª and twoª put¹ ten² thousand²¹ to flight,ª° exceptª¹¹ their Rockª had soldª° them,² and the LORDª had shut them up?ª°" {Deu 32:30} + "Who¹ gaveª° Jacobª for a spoil,ª°² and Israelª to the robbers?ª° did not¹ the LORD,ª he against whomª we have sinned?ª° for they wouldª° not¹ walkª° in his ways,ª neither¹ were they obedientª° unto his law.ª" {Isa 42:24} + "Strangersª° have devouredª° his strength,ª and he¹ knowethª° [it] not:¹ yea,¹ gray hairsª are here and thereª° upon him, yet he¹ knowethª° not.¹" {Hsa 7:9}
"Only¹ rebelª° not¹ ye against the LORD,ª neither¹ fearª° ye¹¹ the peopleª of the land;ª for¹ they¹ [are] breadª for us: their defenceª is departedª° from¹¹ them, and the LORDª [is] with¹ us: fearª° them not.¹" {Num 14:9} + "Go not up,ª°¹ for¹ the LORDª [is] not¹ amongª you; that ye be not¹ smittenª° beforeª your enemies.ª° ... For¹ the Amalekitesª and the Canaanitesª [are] there¹ beforeª you, and ye shall fallª° by the sword:ª because¹¹¹ ye are turned²° away²¹ from¹¹ the LORD,ª therefore the LORDª will not¹ be¹ with¹ you." {Num 14:42-43} + "Therefore the childrenª of Israelª couldª° not¹ standª° beforeª their enemies,ª° [but] turnedª° [their] backsª beforeª their enemies,ª° because¹ they were¹ accursed:ª neither¹ will I be¹ with¹ you any more,ª° exceptª¹ ye destroyª° the accursedª from amongª¹ you." {Jsh 7:12} + "But the Spiritª of the LORDª departedª° from¹¹ Saul,ª and an evilª spiritª from¹¹ the LORDª troubledª° him." {1Sm 16:14} + "And Saulª was afraidª° ofª¹ David,ª because¹ the LORDª was¹ with¹ him, and was departedª° from¹¹ Saul.ª" {1Sm 18:12} + "And he saidª° unto her, What¹ formª [is] he of? And she said,ª° An oldª manª cometh up;ª° and he¹ [is] coveredª° with a mantle.ª And Saulª perceivedª° that¹ it [was] Samuel,ª and he¹ stoopedª° with [his] faceª to the ground,ª and bowed²° himself.¹ ... Then saidª° Samuel,ª Wherefore¹ then dost thou askª° of me, seeing the LORDª is departedª° from¹¹ thee, and is become¹ thine enemy?ª" {1Sm 28:14-16} + "And he went outª° to meetª Asa,ª and saidª° unto him, Hearª° ye me, Asa,ª and all¹ Judahª and Benjamin;ª The LORDª [is] with¹ you, while ye be¹ with¹ him; and if¹ ye seekª° him, he will be foundª° of you; but if¹ ye forsakeª° him, he will forsakeª° you." {2Ch 15:2} + "Behold,ª the LORD'Sª handª is not¹ shortened,ª° that it cannot save;ª°¹ neither¹ his earª heavy,ª° that it cannot hear:ª°¹ ... But¹¹ your iniquitiesª have¹ separatedª° betweenª you and your God,ª and your sinsª have hidª° [his] faceª from¹ you, that he will not hear.ª°¹" {Isa 59:1-2} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Let not¹ the wiseª [man] gloryª° in his wisdom,ª neither¹ let the mightyª [man] gloryª° in his might,ª let not¹ the richª [man] gloryª° in his riches:ª ... But¹¹ let him that gloriethª° gloryª° in this,¹ that he understandethª° and knowethª° me, that¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª which exerciseª° lovingkindness,ª judgment,ª and righteousness,ª in the earth:ª for¹ in these¹ [things] I delight,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 9:23-24} + "Andª I broughtª° himª to thyª disciples,ª andª they couldª° notª cureª° him.ª" {Mtt 17:16} + "Andª Jesusª saidª° unto them,ª Becauseª of yourª unbelief:ª forª verilyª I sayª° unto you,ª Ifª ye haveª° faithª asª a grain²¹ of mustard seed,ª ye shall sayª° unto thisª mountain,ª Removeª° henceª to yonder place;ª andª it shall remove;ª° andª nothingª shall be impossibleª° unto you.ª" {Mtt 17:20} + "Notª thatª we areª° sufficientª ofª ourselvesª to thinkª° any thingª asª ofª ourselves;ª butª ourª sufficiencyª [is] ofª God;ª" {2Co 3:5}

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