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{Judges 18:7} Then the five 2568 men y582 x376 departed, y3212 z8799 x1980 and came 935 z8799 to Laish, 3919 and saw 7200 z8799 x853 the people 5971 that x834 [were] therein, 7130 how they dwelt 3427 z8802 careless, 983 after the manner 4941 of the Zidonians, 6722 quiet 8252 z8802 and secure; 982 z8802 and [there was] no x369 magistrate 3423 6114 z8802 in the land, 776 that might put [them] to shame 3637 z8688 in [any] thing; 1697 and they x1992 [were] far 7350 from the Zidonians, 6722 x4480 and had no x369 business 1697 with x5973 [any] man. 120
"And the coastª of the childrenª of Danª went outª° [too little] for them:¹ therefore the childrenª of Danª went upª° to fightª° against¹ Leshem,ª and tookª° it, and smoteª° it with the edgeª of the sword,ª and possessedª° it, and dweltª° therein, and calledª° Leshem,ª Dan,ª after the nameª of Danª their father.ª" {Jsh 19:47}, called Leshem
how they:
"And they¹ tookª°¹ [the things] which¹ Micahª had made,ª° and the priestª which¹ he had,¹ and cameª° unto¹ Laish,ª unto¹ a peopleª [that were] at quietª° and secure:ª° and they smoteª° them with the edgeª of the sword,ª and burntª° the cityª with fire.ª ... And [there was] no¹ deliverer,ª° because¹ it¹ [was] farª from Zidon,ª¹ and they had no¹ businessª with¹ [any] man;ª and it¹ was in the valleyª that¹ [lieth] by Bethrehob.ª And they builtª°¹ a city,ª and dweltª° therein." {Jdg 18:27-28} + "How muchª she hath glorifiedª° herself,ª andª lived deliciously,ª° so muchª tormentª andª sorrowª giveª° her:ª forª she saithª° inª her²¹ heart,ª I sitª° a queen,ª andª amª° noª widow,ª andª shall seeª° noª sorrow.ª" {Rev 18:7}
Heb. possessor, or, heir of restraint, "For I have toldª° him that¹ I¹ will judgeª°¹ his houseª for² everª¹ for the iniquityª which¹ he knoweth;ª° because¹ his sonsª made themselves vile,ª° and he restrainedª° them not.¹" {1Sm 3:13} + "And his fatherª had not¹ displeasedª° him at any timeª¹ in saying,ª° Why¹ hast thou done¹ so?²°¹ and he¹ also¹ [was a] veryª goodlyªª [man]; and [his mother] bareª° him afterª Absalom.ª" {1Kg 1:6} + "Forª rulersª areª° notª a terrorª to goodª works,ª butª to the¹ evil.ª Wilt¹ thou²° thenª notª be afraidª° of the¹ power?ª doª° that which is good,ª andª thou shalt haveª° praiseª ofª the same:ª" {Rom 13:3} + "Orª unto governors,ª asª unto them that are sentª° byª himª forª² the punishmentª of¹ evildoers,ª andª for the praiseª of them that do well.ª" {1Pe 2:14}
and had no:
In the most correct copies of the LXX this clause stands thus; και λογος ουκ ην αυτοις μετα Συριας; "and they had no transactions with Syria;" evidently reading instead of אדם [Strong's H0120], adam, man, ארם [Strong's H0758], aram, Syria; words so nearly similar that the only difference between them is in the ר, raish, and ד, daleth, which in both manuscripts and printed books is sometimes indiscernible. Laish was situated on the frontiers of Syria.

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