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{Judges 18:19} And they said 559 z8799 unto him, Hold thy peace, 2790 z8685 lay 7760 z8798 thine hand 3027 upon x5921 thy mouth, 6310 and go y3212 z8798 x1980 with x5973 us, and be x1961 to us y1961 z8800 a father 1 and a priest: 3548 [is it] better 2896 for thee to be x1961 a priest 3548 unto the house 1004 of one 259 man, 376 or x176 that thou be x1961 a priest 3548 unto a tribe 7626 and a family 4940 in Israel? 3478
lay thine:
This was the token of silence. These men were evidently very ignorant; and absurdly concluded that they should, by taking Micah's gods, secure the presence and favour of the God of Israel, in their expedition and settlement. They perhaps supposed the piety of their motives, and the goodness of their end, would justify the means. But it was a base robbery of Micah, aggravated by the Levite's ingratitude, and their menaces. "Markª°¹ me, and be astonished,ª° and layª° [your] handª upon¹ [your] mouth.ª" {Job 21:5} + "The princesª refrainedª° talking,ª and laidª° [their] handª on their mouth.ª" {Job 29:9} + "Behold,¹ I am vile;ª° what¹ shall I answerª° thee? I will layª° mine handª uponª my mouth.ª ... Onceª have I spoken;ª° but I will not¹ answer:ª° yea, twice;ª but I will proceed no further.ª°¹" {Job 40:4-5} + "If¹ thou hast done foolishlyª° in lifting up²° thyself,¹ or if¹ thou hast thought evil,ª° [lay] thine handª upon thy mouth.ª" {Prv 30:32} + "The nationsª shall seeª° and be confoundedª° at all¹¹ their might:ª they shall layª° [their] handª upon¹ [their] mouth,ª their earsª shall be deaf.ª°" {Mic 7:16}
a father:
"And Micahª saidª° unto him, Dwellª° with¹ me, and be¹ unto me a fatherª and a priest,ª and I¹ will giveª° thee tenª [shekels] of silverª by the year,ª and a suitª of apparel,ª and thy victuals.ª So the Leviteª went in.²°¹" {Jdg 17:10} + "And the kingª of Israelª saidª° unto¹ Elisha,ª when he sawª° them, My father,ª shall I smiteª° [them]? shall I smiteª° [them]?" {2Kg 6:21} + "And the kingª saidª° unto¹ Hazael,ª Takeª° a presentª in thine hand,ª and go,²°¹ meet²°¹ the manª of God,ª and enquireª°¹ of the LORDª by¹¹ him, saying,ª° Shall I recoverª° of this disease?ª¹¹ ... So Hazaelª went²°¹ to meet²°¹ him, and tookª° a presentª with¹ him,² even of every¹ good thingª of Damascus,ª fortyª camels'ª burden,ª and cameª° and stoodª° beforeª him, and said,ª° Thy sonª Benhadadª kingª of Syriaª hath sentª° me to¹ thee, saying,ª° Shall I recoverª° of this disease?ª¹¹" {2Kg 8:8-9} + "Now Elishaª was fallen sickª° of¹ his sicknessª whereof¹ he died.ª° And Joashª the kingª of Israelª came downª° unto¹ him, and weptª° over¹ his face,ª and said,ª° O my father,ª my father,ª the chariotª of Israel,ª and the horsemenª thereof." {2Kg 13:14} + "Andª callª° noª [man] yourª fatherª uponª the¹ earth:ª forª oneª isª° yourª Father,ª whichª is inª heaven.ª" {Mtt 23:9}

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