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{Judges 18:24} And he said, 559 z8799 Ye have taken away 3947 z8804 x853 my gods 430 which x834 I made, 6213 z8804 and the priest, 3548 and ye are gone away: y3212 z8799 x1980 and what x4100 have I more? x5750 and what x4100 [is] this x2088 [that] ye say 559 z8799 unto x413 me, What x4100 aileth thee?
what have:
"Then saidª° Micah,ª Now¹ knowª° I that¹ the LORDª will do me good,ª° seeing¹ I have¹ a Leviteª to [my] priest.ª" {Jdg 17:13} + "They that makeª° them are¹ like unto them;¹ [so is] every one¹ that¹ trustethª° in them." {Psa 115:8} + "They have not¹ knownª° nor¹ understood:ª° for¹ he hath shutª° their eyes,ª that they cannot see;ª°¹ [and] their hearts,²¹ that they cannot understand.ª°¹ ... He feedethª° on ashes:ª a deceivedª° heartª hath turned him aside,ª° that he cannot¹ deliverª°¹ his soul,ª nor¹ say,ª° [Is there] not¹ a lieª in my right hand?ª" {Isa 44:18-20} + "A droughtª [is] upon¹ her waters;ª and they shall be dried up:ª° for¹ it [is] the landª of graven images,ª and they¹ are madª° upon [their] idols.ª" {Jer 50:38} + "Every¹ manª is brutishª° by [his] knowledge;ª¹ every¹ founderª° is confoundedª° by the graven image:ª¹ for¹ his molten imageª [is] falsehood,ª and [there is] no¹ breathª in them." {Jer 51:17} + "And Aholahª played the harlotª° when she was¹ mine;² and she dotedª° on¹ her lovers,ª° on¹ the Assyriansª [her] neighbours,ª" {Ezk 23:5} + "What¹ profitethª° the graven imageª that¹ the makerª° thereof hath gravenª° it; the molten image,ª and a teacherª° of lies,ª that¹ the makerª° of his workª trustethª° therein,¹ to makeª° dumbª idols?ª ... Woeª unto him that saithª° to the wood,ª Awake;ª° to the dumbª stone,ª Arise,ª° it¹ shall teach!ª° Behold,¹ it¹ [is] laid²° over¹ with goldª and silver,ª and [there is] no¹ breathª at all¹ in the midstª of it." {Hab 2:18-19} + "Moreoverª ye seeª° andª hear,ª° thatª notª aloneª at Ephesus,ª butª almostª throughout allª Asia,ª thisª Paulª hath persuadedª° and turned awayª° muchª people,ª sayingª° thatª they beª° noª gods,ª whichª are madeª° withª hands:ª" {Act 19:26} + "Withª whomª the¹ kingsª of the¹ earthª have committed fornication,ª° andª the¹ inhabitantsª° of the¹ earthª have been made drunkª° withª the¹ wineª of her²¹ fornication.ª" {Rev 17:2}

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