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{Judges 19:9} And when the man 376 rose up 6965 z8799 to depart, y3212 z8800 x1980 he, x1931 and his concubine, 6370 and his servant, 5288 his father in law, 2859 z8802 the damsel's 5291 father, 1 said 559 z8799 unto him, Behold, x2009 now x4994 the day 3117 draweth 7503 z8804 toward evening, 6150 z8800 I pray you x4994 tarry all night: 3885 z8798 behold, x2009 the day 3117 groweth to an end, 2583 z8800 lodge 3885 z8798 here, x6311 that thine heart 3824 may be merry; 3190 z8799 and to morrow 4279 get you early 7925 z8689 on your way, 1870 that thou mayest go 1980 z8804 home. 168
the day:
"Butª they constrainedª° him,ª saying,ª° Abideª° withª us:ª forª it isª° towardª evening,ª andª the¹ dayª is far spent.ª° Andª he went inª° to tarryª° withª them.ª" {Lke 24:29}
etc. Heb. is weak
the day groweth to an end:
Heb. it is the pitching time of the day, "Prepareª° ye warª against¹ her; arise,ª° and let us go upª° at noon.ª Woeª unto us! for¹ the dayª goeth away,ª° for¹ the shadowsª of the eveningª are stretched out.ª°" {Jer 6:4}. That is, it was near the time in which travellers ordinarily pitched their tents, to take up their lodging for the night. In the latter part of the afternoon, eastern travellers begin to look out for a place for this purpose. So Dr. Shaw observes, "Our constant practice was to rise at break of day, set forward with the sun, and travel to the middle of the afternoon; at which time we began to look out for encampments of Arabs; who, to prevent such parties as ours from living at free charges upon them, take care to pitch in woods, valleys, or places the least conspicuous."
to morrow:
"Boast²° not thyself¹¹ of to morrow;ª¹ for¹ thou knowestª° not¹ what¹ a dayª may bring forth.ª°" {Prv 27:1} + "Go toª° now,ª ye that say,ª° To dayª orª to morrowª we will goª° intoª suchª a city,ª andª continueª°°° thereª aª year,ª andª buy and sell,ª°°° andª get gain:ª°°° ... Whereasª ye knowª° notª whatª [shall be] on the¹ morrow.ª Forª whatª [is] yourª life?ª It isª° evenª a vapour,ª that² appeareth¹ for²°¹ a little time,ª andª thenª vanisheth away.ª°" {Jms 4:13-14}
Heb. to thy tent

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