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{Judges 19:29} And when he was come 935 z8799 into x413 his house, 1004 he took 3947 z8799 x853 a knife, 3979 and laid hold 2388 z8686 on his concubine, 6370 and divided 5408 z8762 her, [together] with her bones, 6106 into twelve 8147 6240 pieces, 5409 and sent 7971 z8762 her into all x3605 the coasts 1366 of Israel. 3478
divided her:
It is probable, that with the pieces he sent to each tribe a circumstantial account of the barbarity of the men of Gibeah; and that they considered each of the pieces as expressing an execration. That a similar custom prevailed in ancient times is evident from "And he tookª° a yokeª of oxen,ª and hewed them in pieces,ª° and sentª° [them] throughout all¹ the coastsª of Israelª by the handsª of messengers,ª saying,ª° Whosoever¹ cometh not forthª°¹ afterª Saulª and afterª Samuel,ª so¹ shall it be doneª° unto his oxen.ª And the fearª of the LORDª fellª° on¹ the people,ª and they came outª° with oneª consent.ª" {1Sm 11:7}. It had an inhuman appearance, thus to mangle the corpse of this unhappy woman; but it was intended to excite a keener resentment against so horrible a crime, which called for a punishment proportionally severe. "And I tookª° my concubine,ª and cut her in pieces,ª° and sentª° her throughout all¹ the countryª of the inheritanceª of Israel:ª for¹ they have committedª° lewdnessª and follyª in Israel.ª ... Behold,¹ ye [are] all¹ childrenª of Israel;ª giveª° hereª your adviceª and counsel.ª" {Jdg 20:6-7} + "Forª I bear²° them² recordª°¹ thatª they haveª° a zealª of God,ª butª notª accordingª to knowledge.ª" {Rom 10:2}
with her bones:
"And if¹ a manª have committed¹ a sinª worthy¹ of² death,ª and he be to be put to death,ª° and thou hangª° him on¹ a tree:ª ... His bodyª shall not¹ remain all nightª° upon¹ the tree,ª but¹ thou shalt in any wise²° buryª° him that¹ day;ª (for¹ he that is hangedª° [is] accursedª of God;)ª that¹ thy landª be not¹ defiled,ª° which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee [for] an inheritance.ª" {Deu 21:22-23}

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