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{Ruth 2:6} And the servant 5288 that was set 5324 z8737 over x5921 the reapers 7114 z8802 answered 6030 z8799 and said, 559 z8799 It x1931 [is] the Moabitish 4125 damsel 5291 that came back 7725 z8804 with x5973 Naomi 5281 out of the country 7704 x4480 of Moab: 4124
the servant:
This seems to have been a kind of steward, who had the under- management of the estate. "And Abramª said,ª° Lordª GOD,ª what¹ wilt thou giveª° me, seeing I¹ goª° childless,ª and the stewardªª of my houseª [is] thisª Eliezerª of Damascus?ª" {Gen 15:2} + "And Abrahamª saidª° unto¹ his eldestª servantª of his house,ª that ruled¹ over²° all¹ that¹ he had, Put,ª° I pray thee,¹ thy handª under¹ my thigh:ª" {Gen 24:2} + "And Josephª foundª° graceª in his sight,ª and he servedª° him: and he made him overseerª° over¹ his house,ª and all¹ [that] he hadª he putª° into his hand.ª" {Gen 39:4} + "Soª when evenª was come,ª° the¹ lordª of the¹ vineyardª saith²° unto his²¹ steward,ª Callª° the¹ labourers,ª andª giveª° themª [their] hire,ª beginningª° fromª the¹ lastª untoª the¹ first.ª" {Mtt 20:8} + "Whoª thenª isª° a faithfulª andª wiseª servant,ª whomª hisª lordª hath made rulerª° overª his²¹ household,ª to giveª° themª meatª inª due season?ª" {Mtt 24:45}
It is the:
"And Ruthª said,ª° Intreatª° me not¹ to leaveª° thee, [or] to returnª° from following afterª¹ thee: for¹ whither¹¹ thou goest,²°¹ I will go;²°¹ and where¹ thou lodgest,ª° I will lodge:ª° thy peopleª [shall be] my people,ª and thy Godª my God:ª" {Rth 1:16} + "So they twoª went²°¹ until¹ they cameª° to Bethlehem.ª And it came to pass,¹ when they were comeª° to Bethlehem,ª that all¹ the cityª was movedª° about¹ them, and they said,ª° [Is] this¹ Naomi?ª" {Rth 1:19} + "So Naomiª returned,ª° and Ruthª the Moabitess,ª her daughter in law,ª with her,¹ which returnedª° out of the countryª¹ of Moab:ª and they¹ cameª° to Bethlehemª in the beginningª of barleyª harvest.ª" {Rth 1:22}

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