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{Ruth 2:14} And Boaz 1162 said 559 z8799 unto her, At mealtime 6256 400 come 5066 z8798 thou hither, 1988 and eat 398 z8804 of x4480 the bread, 3899 and dip 2881 z8804 thy morsel 6595 in the vinegar. 2558 And she sat 3427 z8799 beside 6654 x4480 the reapers: 7114 z8802 and he reached 6642 z8799 her parched 7039 [corn], and she did eat, 398 z8799 and was sufficed, 7646 z8799 and left. 3498 z8686
At mealtime:
"If¹ I have withheldª° the poorª from [their] desire,ª¹ or have caused the eyesª of the widowª to fail;ª° ... [Then] let mine armª fallª° from my shoulder blade,ª¹ and mine armª be brokenª° from the bone.ª¹" {Job 31:16-22} + "There isª that scattereth,ª° and yet¹ increaseth;ª° and [there is] that withholdethª° more than is meet,ª¹ but [it tendeth] to poverty.ª ... The liberalª soulª shall be made fat:ª° and he that waterethª° shall be wateredª° also¹ himself.¹" {Prv 11:24-25} + "But the liberalª devisethª° liberal things;ª and by¹ liberal thingsª shall he stand.ª°" {Isa 32:8} + "[Is it] not¹ to dealª° thy breadª to the hungry,ª and that thou bringª° the poorª that are cast outª to thy house?ª when¹ thou seestª° the naked,ª that thou coverª° him; and that thou hide²° not thyself¹¹ from thine own flesh?ª¹" {Isa 58:7} + "And [if] thou draw outª° thy soulª to the hungry,ª and satisfyª° the afflictedª° soul;ª then shall thy lightª riseª° in obscurity,ª and thy darknessª [be] as the noonday:ª ... And the LORDª shall guideª° thee continually,ª and satisfyª° thy soulª in drought,ª and make fatª° thy bones:ª and thou shalt be¹ like a wateredª garden,ª and like a springª of water,ª whose¹ watersª failª° not.¹" {Isa 58:10-11} + "Thenª said¹ he²° alsoª to him that badeª° him,ª Whenª thou makestª° a dinnerª orª a supper,ª callª° notª thyª friends,ª norª thyª brethren,ª neitherª thyª kinsmen,ª norª [thy] richª neighbours;ª lestª theyª alsoª bid²° thee² again,ª°¹ andª a recompenceª be madeª° thee.ª ... Andª thou shalt beª° blessed;ª forª they cannotªª° recompenseª° thee:ª forª thouª shalt be recompensedª° atª the¹ resurrectionª of the¹ just.ª" {Lke 14:12-14}
dip thy morsel:
Vinegar, robb of fruits, etc., are used for this purpose in the East to the present day; into which, says Dr. Shaw, they dip the bread and hand together.
"And Jesseª saidª° unto Davidª his son,ª Takeª° now¹ for thy brethrenª an ephahª of thisª parchedª [corn], and these¹ tenª loaves,ª and runª° to the campª to thy brethren;ª" {1Sm 17:17} + "Then Abigailª made haste,ª° and tookª° two hundredª loaves,ª and twoª bottlesª of wine,ª and fiveª sheepª ready dressed,ª° and fiveª measuresª of parchedª [corn], and an hundredª clusters of raisins,ª and two hundredª cakes² of figs,¹ and laidª° [them] on¹ asses.ª" {1Sm 25:18} + "Broughtª° beds,ª and basons,ª and earthenª° vessels,ª and wheat,ª and barley,ª and flour,ª and parchedª [corn], and beans,ª and lentiles,ª and parchedª [pulse]," {2Sm 17:28}
she did:
"When thou hast eatenª° and art full,ª° then thou shalt blessª°¹ the LORDª thy Godª for¹ the goodª landª which¹ he hath givenª° thee." {Deu 8:10} + "And I will sendª° grassª in thy fieldsª for thy cattle,ª that thou mayest eatª° and be full.ª°" {Deu 11:15} + "And his servitorª° said,ª° What,¹ should I setª° this¹ beforeª an hundredª men?ª He said¹ again,²° Giveª° the people,ª that they may eat:ª° for¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª They shall eat,ª° and shall leaveª° [thereof]. ... So he setª° [it] beforeª them, and they did eat,ª° and leftª° [thereof], according to the wordª of the LORD.ª" {2Kg 4:43-44} + "Andª they did²° allª eat,ª° andª were filled:ª° andª they took upª° of the¹ fragmentsª that remainedª° twelveª basketsª full.ª" {Mtt 14:20}
was sufficed:
"And she took [it] up,ª° and wentª° into the city:ª and her mother in lawª sawª°¹ what¹ she had gleaned:ª° and she brought forth,ª° and gaveª° to her¹ that¹ she had reservedª° after she was sufficed.ª¹" {Rth 2:18} + "Thou preparestª° a tableª beforeª me in the presence¹ of mine enemies:ª° thou anointestª° my headª with oil;ª my cupª runneth over.ª" {Psa 23:5}

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