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{1 Samuel 8:8} According to all x3605 the works 4639 which x834 they have done 6213 z8804 since the day 3117 x4480 that I brought them up 5927 z8687 x853 out of Egypt 4714 x4480 even unto x5704 this x2088 day, 3117 wherewith they have forsaken 5800 z8799 me, and served 5647 z8799 other 312 gods, 430 so x3651 do 6213 z8802 they x1992 also x1571 unto thee.
"And they saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Because¹¹ [there were] no¹ gravesª in Egypt,ª hast thou taken us awayª° to dieª° in the wilderness?ª wherefore²¹ hast thou dealtª° thus¹ with us, to carry us forthª° out of Egypt?ª¹ ... [Is] not¹ this¹ the wordª that¹ we did tellª°¹ thee in Egypt,ª saying,ª° Let us alone,ª°¹ that we may serveª°¹ the Egyptians?ª For¹ [it had been] betterª for us to serveª°¹ the Egyptians,ª than that we should dieª°¹ in the wilderness.ª" {Exd 14:11-12} + "And the childrenª of Israelª saidª° unto¹ them, Would to Godªª° we had diedª° by the handª of the LORDª in the landª of Egypt,ª when we satª° by¹ the fleshª pots,ª [and] when we did eatª° breadª to the full;ª for¹ ye have brought us forthª°¹ into¹ this¹ wilderness,ª to killª°¹ this¹ whole¹ assemblyª with hunger.ª" {Exd 16:3} + "Wherefore the peopleª did chideª° with¹ Moses,ª and said,ª° Giveª° us waterª that we may drink.ª° And Mosesª saidª° unto them, Why¹ chideª° ye with¹ me? wherefore¹ do ye temptª°¹ the LORD?ª" {Exd 17:2} + "And when the peopleª sawª° that¹ Mosesª delayedª° to come downª° out of¹ the mount,ª the peopleª gathered themselves togetherª° unto¹ Aaron,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, Up,ª° makeª° us gods,ª which¹ shall go²°¹ beforeª us; for¹ [as for] this¹ Moses,ª the manª that¹ brought²° us up¹ out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª we wotª° not¹ what¹ is become¹ of him." {Exd 32:1} + "And all¹ the childrenª of Israelª murmuredª° against¹ Mosesª and against¹ Aaron:ª and the whole¹ congregationª saidª° unto¹ them, Would God² that¹ we had diedª° in the landª of Egypt!ª or¹ would Godª we had diedª° in this¹ wilderness!ª ... And they saidª° oneª to¹ another,ª Let us makeª° a captain,ª and let us returnª° into Egypt.ª" {Num 14:2-4} + "And they rose upª° beforeª Moses,ª with certain²¹ of the childrenª¹ of Israel,ª two hundredª and fiftyª princesª of the assembly,ª famousª in the congregation,ª men²¹ of renown:ª ... And they gathered themselves togetherª° against¹ Mosesª and against¹ Aaron,ª and saidª° unto¹ them, [Ye take] too muchª upon you, seeing¹ all¹ the congregationª [are] holy,ª every one¹ of them, and the LORDª [is] amongª them: wherefore¹ then lift ye up²° yourselves¹ above¹ the congregationª of the LORD?ª" {Num 16:2-3} + "But on the morrowª¹ all¹ the congregationª of the childrenª of Israelª murmuredª° against¹ Mosesª and against¹ Aaron,ª saying,ª° Ye¹ have killedª°¹ the peopleª of the LORD.ª" {Num 16:41} + "Ye have been¹ rebelliousª° against¹ the LORDª from the dayª¹ that I knewª° you." {Deu 9:24} + "And ye¹ shall makeª° no¹ leagueª with the inhabitantsª° of this¹ land;ª ye shall throw downª° their altars:ª but ye have not¹ obeyedª° my voice:ª why¹ have ye doneª° this?¹ ... Wherefore I also¹ said,ª° I will not¹ drive them outª°¹ from beforeª¹ you; but they shall be¹ [as thorns] in your sides,ª and their godsª shall be¹ a snareª unto you." {Jdg 2:2-3} + "And the angerª of the LORDª was hotª° against Israel;ª and he said,ª° Because¹ that¹ this¹ peopleª hath transgressedª°¹ my covenantª which¹ I commandedª°¹ their fathers,ª and have not¹ hearkenedª° unto my voice;ª" {Jdg 2:20} + "And the childrenª of Israelª againª° didª° evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª when Ehud²¹ was dead.ª°" {Jdg 4:1} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª° evilª in the sightª of the LORD:ª and the LORDª deliveredª° them into the handª of Midianª sevenª years.ª" {Jdg 6:1} + "And the childrenª of Israelª didª° evilª againª° in the sightª of the LORD;ª and the LORDª deliveredª° them into the handª of the Philistinesª fortyª years.ª" {Jdg 13:1} + "Yet they temptedª° and provokedª°¹ the most highª God,ª and keptª° not¹ his testimonies:ª ... When Godª heardª° [this], he was wroth,ª° and greatlyª abhorredª° Israel:ª" {Psa 78:56-59} + "But lusted²° exceedinglyª¹ in the wilderness,ª and temptedª° Godª in the desert.ª ... They forgatª° Godª their saviour,ª° which had doneª° great thingsª in Egypt;ª" {Psa 106:14-21} + "They did not¹ destroyª°¹ the nations,ª concerning whom¹ the LORDª commandedª° them: ... Therefore was the wrathª of the LORDª kindledª° against his people,ª insomuch that he abhorredª°¹ his own inheritance.ª" {Psa 106:34-40} + "Ye stiffneckedª andª uncircumcisedª in heartª andª ears,ª yeª do²° alwaysª resistª° the¹ Holyª Ghost:ª asª yourª fathersª [did], soª [do] ye.ª ... Whoª have receivedª° the¹ lawª byª the dispositionª of angels,ª andª have²° notª keptª° [it]." {Act 7:51-53}

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