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{2 Samuel 20:22} Then the woman 802 went 935 z8799 unto x413 all x3605 the people 5971 in her wisdom. 2451 And they cut off 3772 z8799 x853 the head 7218 of Sheba 7652 the son 1121 of Bichri, 1075 and cast y7993 z8686 [it] out x7993 to x413 Joab. 3097 And he blew 8628 z8799 a trumpet, 7782 and they retired 6327 z8799 from x4480 x5921 the city, 5892 every man 376 to his tent. 168 And Joab 3097 returned 7725 z8804 to Jerusalem 3389 unto x413 the king. 4428
in her wisdom:
"Wisdomª strengthenethª° the wiseª more than tenª¹ mightyª [men] which¹ are¹ in the city.ª" {Ecc 7:19} + "[There was] a littleª city,ª and fewª men²¹ within it; and there cameª° a greatª kingª against¹ it, and besiegedª° it, and builtª° greatª bulwarksª against¹ it: ... Wisdomª [is] betterª than weaponsª¹ of war:ª but oneª sinnerª° destroyethª° muchª° good.ª" {Ecc 9:14-18}
he blew:
"And there¹ happenedª° to be there a manª of Belial,ª whose nameª [was] Sheba,ª the sonª of Bichri,ª a Benjamite:ª and he blewª° a trumpet,ª and said,ª° We have no¹ partª in David,ª neither¹ have we inheritanceª in the sonª of Jesse:ª every² manª to his tents,ª O Israel.ª" {2Sm 20:1} + "So Joabª blewª° a trumpet,ª and all¹ the peopleª stood¹ still,²° and pursuedª° afterª Israelª no¹ more,¹ neither¹ foughtª° they any more.ª°" {2Sm 2:28} + "And Joabª blewª° the trumpet,ª and the peopleª returnedª° from pursuingª°¹ afterª Israel:ª for¹ Joabª held backª°¹ the people.ª" {2Sm 18:16}
Heb. were scattered
And Joab:
"And afterwardª¹¹ when Davidª heardª° [it], he said,ª° I¹ and my kingdomª [are] guiltlessª before¹¹ the LORDª for² everª¹ from the bloodª¹ of Abnerª the sonª of Ner:ª ... And I¹ [am] this dayª weak,ª though anointedª° king;ª and these¹ men²¹ the sonsª of Zeruiahª [be] too hardª for¹ me: the LORDª shall rewardª° the doer¹ of evil²°¹ according to his wickedness.ª" {2Sm 3:28-39} + "And Davidª sentª° to¹ Joab,ª [saying], Sendª°¹ me¹ Uriahª the Hittite.ª And Joabª sentª°¹ Uriahª to¹ David.ª ... Who¹ smoteª°¹ Abimelechª the sonª of Jerubbesheth?ª did not¹ a womanª castª° a pieceª of a millstoneª upon¹ him from¹¹ the wall,ª that he diedª° in Thebez?ª why¹ went ye nighª°¹ the wall?ª then sayª° thou, Thy servantª Uriahª the Hittiteª is deadª° also.¹" {2Sm 11:6-21} + "Because¹ sentence² against¹ an evilª workª is not¹ executedª° speedily,ª therefore¹¹ the heartª of the sonsª of menª is fully setª° in them to doª° evil.ª" {Ecc 8:11}

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