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{1 Kings 19:4} But he himself x1931 went 1980 z8804 a day's 3117 journey 1870 into the wilderness, 4057 and came 935 z8799 and sat down 3427 z8799 under x8478 a 259 juniper tree: 7574 and he requested 7592 z8799 x853 for himself 5315 that he might die; 4191 z8800 and said, 559 z8799 It is enough; 7227 now, x6258 O LORD, 3068 take away 3947 z8798 my life; 5315 for x3588 I x595 [am] not x3808 better 2896 than my fathers. 1 x4480
sat down:
"And went²°¹ afterª the manª of God,ª and foundª° him sittingª° under¹ an oak:ª and he saidª° unto¹ him, [Art] thou¹ the manª of Godª that¹ camestª° from¹ Judah?ª And he said,ª° I¹ [am]." {1Kg 13:14} + "And the waterª was spentª° inª the bottle,ª and she castª°¹ the childª under¹ oneª of the shrubs.ª ... And she went,²°¹ and sat her downª° over againstª¹ [him] a good way off,ª° as it were a bowshot:ªª° for¹ she said,ª° Let me not¹ seeª° the deathª of the child.ª And she satª° over against¹¹ [him], and lift upª°¹ her voice,ª and wept.ª°" {Gen 21:15-16} + "Nowª Jacob'sª wellª wasª° there.ª Jesusª therefore,ª being weariedª° withª [his] journey,ª satª° thusª onª the¹ well:ª [and] it wasª° aboutª the sixthª hour.ª" {Jhn 4:6}
he requested:
"And when he sawª° [that], he arose,ª° and went²°¹ for¹ his life,ª and cameª° to Beersheba,ª which¹ [belongeth] to Judah,ª and left²°¹¹ his servantª there.¹" {1Kg 19:3} + "And if¹ thou¹ dealª° thus¹ with me, killª° me, I pray thee,¹ out of hand,ª° if¹ I have foundª° favourª in thy sight;ª and let me not¹ seeª° my wretchedness.ª" {Num 11:15} + "And it came to pass,¹ as they¹ still²° went on,ª° and talked,ª° that, behold,¹ [there appeared] a chariotª of fire,ª and horsesª of fire,ª and partedª° them bothª asunder;ª and Elijahª went upª° by a whirlwindª into heaven.ª" {2Kg 2:11} + "Wherefore¹ is lightª givenª° to him that is in misery,ª and lifeª unto the bitterª [in] soul;ª ... Which rejoiceª exceedingly,ª¹ [and] are glad,ª° when¹ they can findª° the grave?ª" {Job 3:20-22} + "Cursedª° [be] the dayª wherein¹ I was born:ª° let not¹ the dayª wherein¹ my motherª bareª° me be¹ blessed.ª° ... Wherefore¹ came I forthª° out of the wombª¹ to seeª° labourª and sorrow,ª that my daysª should be consumedª° with shame?ª" {Jer 20:14-18} + "Therefore now,¹ O LORD,ª take,ª° I beseech thee,¹¹ my lifeª from¹ me; for¹ [it is] betterª for me to dieª than to live.ª¹" {Jna 4:3} + "And it came to pass,¹ when the sunª did arise,ª° that Godª preparedª° a vehementª eastª wind;ª and the sunª beatª° upon¹ the headª of Jonah,ª that he fainted,ª° and wishedª° in¹ himselfª to die,ª° and said,ª° [It is] betterª for me to dieª than to live.ª¹" {Jna 4:8} + "Forª to meª to liveª° [is] Christ,ª andª to dieª° [is] gain.ª ... Neverthelessª to abideª° inª the¹ fleshª [is] more needfulª forª you.ª" {Php 1:21-24}
for himself:
Heb. for his life
"Passª° ye unto Calneh,ª and see;ª° and from thence¹¹ go²°¹ ye to Hamathª the great:ª°² then go downª° to Gathª of the Philistines:ª [be they] betterª than¹ these¹ kingdoms?ª or¹ their borderª greaterª than your border?ª¹" {Ams 6:2} + "Art thou betterª° than populousª²° No,ª¹ that was situateª° among the rivers,ª [that had] the watersª round aboutª it, whose¹ rampartª [was] the sea,ª [and] her wallª [was] from the sea?ª¹" {Nah 3:8} + "Beholdªª° the¹ fowlsª of the¹ air:ª forª they sowª° not,ª neitherª do they reap,ª° norª gatherª° intoª barns;ª yetª yourª heavenlyª Fatherª feedethª° them.ª Are²° ye² not² much² better¹¹¹¹ than²° they?ª" {Mtt 6:26} + "Whatª then?ª are we betterª° [than they]? No,ª in no wise:ª forª we have before provedª° bothª Jewsª andª Gentiles,ª that they areª° allª underª sin;ª" {Rom 3:9}

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