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{1 Chronicles 9:22} All x3605 these [which were] chosen 1305 z8803 to be porters 7778 in the gates 5592 [were] two hundred 3967 and twelve. 8147 6240 These x1992 were reckoned by their genealogy 3187 z8692 in their villages, 2691 whom y1992 David 1732 and Samuel 8050 the seer y7200 z8802 x7203 did ordain 3245 z8765 in their set office. 530
in their:
"And Obadiahª the sonª of Shemaiah,ª the sonª of Galal,ª the sonª of Jeduthun,ª and Berechiahª the sonª of Asa,ª the sonª of Elkanah,ª that dweltª° in the villagesª of the Netophathites.ª" {1Ch 9:16} + "And their brethren,ª [which were] in their villages,ª [were] to comeª° after sevenª daysª from timeª¹ to¹ timeª with¹ them.¹" {1Ch 9:25} + "And for¹ the villages,ª with their fields,ª [some] of the childrenª¹ of Judahª dweltª° at Kirjatharba,ª and [in] the villagesª thereof, and at Dibon,ª and [in] the villagesª thereof, and at Jekabzeel,ª and [in] the villagesª thereof, ... Zanoah,ª Adullam,ª and [in] their villages,ª at Lachish,ª and the fieldsª thereof, at Azekah,ª and [in] the villagesª thereof. And they dweltª° from Beershebaª¹ unto¹ the valleyª of Hinnom.ª" {Neh 11:25-30} + "And of¹ the Levitesª [were] divisionsª [in] Judah,ª [and] in Benjamin.ª" {Neh 11:36} + "And the sonsª of the singersª° gathered themselves together,ª° both out of¹ the plain countryª round aboutª Jerusalem,ª and from¹ the villagesª of Netophathi;ª ... Also from the houseª¹ of Gilgal,ª°² and out of the fieldsª¹ of Gebaª and Azmaveth:ª for¹ the singersª° had buildedª° them villagesª round aboutª Jerusalem.ª" {Neh 12:28-29} + "And at that¹ timeª were some²¹ appointedª° over¹ the chambersª for the treasures,ª for the offerings,ª for the firstfruits,ª and for the tithes,ª to gatherª° into them out of the fieldsª of the citiesª the portionsª of the lawª for the priestsª and Levites:ª for¹ Judahª rejoicedª for¹ the priestsª and for¹ the Levitesª that waited.ª°" {Neh 12:44}
"So when Davidª was oldª° and fullª° of days,ª he made¹¹ Solomonª his sonª king²° over¹ Israel.ª ... And that they should keepª°¹ the chargeª of the tabernacleª of the congregation,ª and the chargeª of the holyª [place], and the chargeª of the sonsª of Aaronª their brethren,ª in the serviceª of the houseª of the LORD.ª" {1Ch 23:1-32} + "Moreover Davidª and the captainsª of the hostª separatedª° to the serviceª of the sonsª of Asaph,ª and of Heman,ª and of Jeduthun,ª who should prophesyª°°² with harps,ª with psalteries,ª and with cymbals:ª and the numberª of the workmenª²¹ according to their serviceª was:¹ ... And his brethren,ª menª of valour,ª [were] two thousandª and sevenª hundredª chiefª fathers,ª whom kingª Davidª made rulersª° over¹ the Reubenites,ª the Gadites,ª and the halfª tribeª of Manasseh,ª for every¹ matterª pertaining to God,ª and affairsª of the king.ª" {1Ch 25:1-26:32} + "Also for the coursesª of the priestsª and the Levites,ª and for all¹ the workª of the serviceª of the houseª of the LORD,ª and for all¹ the vesselsª of serviceª in the houseª of the LORD.ª" {1Ch 28:13} + "And, behold,¹ the coursesª of the priestsª and the Levites,ª [even they shall be with thee] for all¹ the serviceª of the houseª of God:ª and [there shall be] with¹ thee for all manner¹ of workmanshipª every¹ willingª skilful man,ª for any manner¹ of service:ª also the princesª and all¹ the peopleª [will be] wholly¹ at thy commandment.ª" {1Ch 28:21}
"(Beforetimeª in Israel,ª when a manª went²°¹ to enquireª° of God,ª thus¹ he spake,ª° Come,²°¹ and let us go²°¹ to¹ the seer:ª° for¹ [he that is] nowª [called] a Prophetª was beforetimeª calledª° a Seer.)ª°" {1Sm 9:9}
did ordain:
Heb. founded
set office:
or, trust, "For¹ these¹ Levites,ª the fourª chiefª porters,ª were in [their] set office,ª and were¹ over¹ the chambersª and treasuriesª of the houseª of God.ª" {1Ch 9:26} + "And Mattithiah,ª [one] of¹ the Levites,ª who¹ [was] the firstbornª of Shallumª the Korahite,ª had the set officeª over¹ the things that were madeª in the pans.ª" {1Ch 9:31}

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