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{1 Chronicles 12:37} And on the other side 5676 x4480 of Jordan, 3383 of x4480 the Reubenites, 7206 and the Gadites, 1425 and of the half 2677 tribe 7626 of Manasseh, 4519 with all manner x3605 of instruments 3627 of war 6635 for the battle, 4421 an hundred 3967 and twenty 6242 thousand. 505
the other side:
"Now the sonsª of Reubenª the firstbornª of Israel,ª (for¹ he¹ [was] the firstborn;ª but, forasmuch as he defiledª° his father'sª bed,ª his birthrightª was givenª° unto the sonsª of Josephª the sonª of Israel:ª and the genealogy is not to be reckonedª°¹ after the birthright.ª ... And in the daysª of Saulª they madeª° warª with¹ the Hagarites,ª who fellª° by their hand:ª and they dweltª° in their tentsª throughout² all¹¹¹ the eastª [land] of Gilead.ª" {1Ch 5:1-10} + "And Mosesª gaveª° unto them, [even] to the childrenª of Gad,ª and to the childrenª of Reuben,ª and unto halfª the tribeª of Manassehª the sonª of Joseph,ª¹ the kingdomª of Sihonª kingª of the Amorites,ª and the kingdomª of Ogª kingª of Bashan,ª the land,ª with the citiesª thereof in the coasts,ª [even] the citiesª of the countryª round about.ª ... And Nobahª wentª° and tookª°¹ Kenath,ª and the villagesª thereof, and calledª° it Nobah,ª after his own name.ª" {Num 32:33-42} + "And this¹ land,ª [which] we possessedª° at that¹ time,ª from Aroer,ª¹ which¹ [is] by¹ the riverª Arnon,ª and halfª mountª Gilead,ª and the citiesª thereof, gaveª° I unto the Reubenitesª and to the Gadites.ª ... And unto the Reubenitesª and unto the Gaditesª I gaveª° from¹ Gileadª even unto¹ the riverª Arnonª halfª the valley,ª and the borderª even unto¹ the riverª Jabbok,ª [which is] the borderª of the childrenª of Ammon;ª" {Deu 3:12-16} + "Now¹ therefore divideª°¹ this¹ landª for an inheritanceª unto the nineª tribes,ª and the halfª tribeª of Manasseh,ª ... These¹ [are the countries] which¹ Mosesª did distribute for inheritanceª° in the plainsª of Moab,ª on the other sideª¹ Jordan,ª by Jericho,ª eastward.ª" {Jsh 13:7-32} + "For¹ Mosesª had givenª° the inheritanceª of twoª tribesª and an halfª tribeª on the other sideª¹ Jordan:ª but unto the Levitesª he gaveª° none¹ inheritanceª amongª them." {Jsh 14:3} + "Then¹ Joshuaª calledª° the Reubenites,ª and the Gadites,ª and the halfª tribeª of Manasseh,ª ... And when they cameª° unto¹ the bordersª of Jordan,ª that¹ [are] in the landª of Canaan,ª the childrenª of Reubenª and the childrenª of Gadª and the halfª tribeª of Manassehª builtª° there¹ an altarª by¹ Jordan,ª a greatª altarª to see¹ to.²" {Jsh 22:1-10}

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