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{1 Chronicles 12:38} All x3605 these x428 men y582 x376 of war, 4421 that could keep 5737 z8802 rank, 4634 came 935 z8804 with a perfect 8003 heart y3820 x3824 to Hebron, 2275 to make David y1732 king 4427 z8687 x853 x1732 over x5921 all x3605 Israel: 3478 and all x3605 the rest 7611 also x1571 of Israel 3478 [were] of one 259 heart y3824 x3820 to make David y1732 king. 4427 z8687 x853 x1732
with a perfect heart:
The meaning of this expression may be inferred from that of a double heart in "Of Zebulun,ª¹ such as went forthª° to battle,ª expertª° in war,ª with all¹ instrumentsª of war,ª fiftyª thousand,ª which could keep rank:ª° [they were] not¹ of double² heart.ª" {1Ch 12:33}. If a double heart be expressive of insincerity or duplicity, a perfect heart, which seems to be put in opposition to it, must signify a sincere, faithful, and entire attachment. "Let your heartª therefore be¹ perfectª with¹ the LORDª our God,ª to walk²°¹ in his statutes,ª and to keepª° his commandments,ª as at this¹ day.ª" {1Kg 8:61} + "For it came to pass,¹ whenª Solomonª was old,ª [that] his wivesª turned awayª°¹ his heartª afterª otherª gods:ª and his heartª was¹ not¹ perfectª with¹ the LORDª his God,ª as [was] the heartª of Davidª his father.ª" {1Kg 11:4} + "I beseech² thee,¹ O LORD,ª rememberª° now¹¹ how¹ I have walkedª° beforeª thee in truthª and with a perfectª heart,ª and have doneª° [that which is] goodª in thy sight.ª And Hezekiahª weptª°² sore.ª¹" {2Kg 20:3} + "I will behave myself wiselyª° in a perfectª way.ª O when¹ wilt thou comeª° unto¹ me? I will walkª° withinª my houseª with a perfectª heart.ª" {Psa 101:2}
all the rest:
"And Davidª went outª° to meetª them, and answeredª° and saidª° unto them, If¹ ye be comeª° peaceablyª unto¹ me to helpª° me, mine heartª shall be¹ knitª unto¹ you: but if¹ [ye be come] to betrayª° me to mine enemies,ª seeing [there is] noª wrongª in mine hands,ª the Godª of our fathersª lookª° [thereon], and rebukeª° [it]. ... Then the spiritª came²° upon¹¹ Amasai,ª [who was] chiefª of the captains,ª²° [and he said], Thine [are we], David,ª and on thy side,¹ thou sonª of Jesse:ª peace,ª peaceª [be] unto thee, and peaceª [be] to thine helpers;ª° for¹ thy Godª helpethª° thee. Then Davidª receivedª° them, and madeª° them captainsª of the band.ª" {1Ch 12:17-18} + "Judah,ª thou¹ [art he] whom thy brethrenª shall praise:ª° thy handª [shall be] in the neckª of thine enemies;ª° thy father'sª childrenª shall bow downª° before thee. ... The sceptreª shall not¹ departª° from Judah,ª¹ nor a lawgiverª° from between¹¹ his feet,ª untilª¹ Shilohª come;ª° and unto him [shall] the gatheringª of the peopleª [be]." {Gen 49:8-10} + "Also¹ in Judahª the handª of Godª was¹ to giveª° them oneª heartª to doª° the commandmentª of the kingª and of the princes,ª by the wordª of the LORD.ª" {2Ch 30:12} + "Thy peopleª [shall be] willingª in the dayª of thy power,ª in the beautiesª of holinessª from the wombª¹ of the morning:ª thou hast the dewª of thy youth.ª" {Psa 110:3} + "And I will giveª° them oneª heart,ª and I will putª° a newª spiritª withinª you; and I will takeª° the stonyª heartª out of their flesh,ª¹ and will giveª° them an heartª of flesh:ª" {Ezk 11:19}

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