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{1 Chronicles 19:2} And David 1732 said, 559 z8799 I will shew 6213 z8799 kindness 2617 unto x5973 Hanun 2586 the son 1121 of Nahash, 5176 because x3588 his father 1 shewed 6213 z8804 kindness 2617 to x5973 me. And David 1732 sent 7971 z8799 messengers 4397 to comfort 5162 z8763 him concerning x5921 his father. 1 So the servants 5650 of David 1732 came 935 z8799 into x413 the land 776 of the children 1121 of Ammon 5983 to x413 Hanun, 2586 to comfort 5162 z8763 him.
I will show:
"And when Davidª cameª° to¹ Ziklag,ª he sentª° of the spoilª¹ unto the eldersª of Judah,ª [even] to his friends,ª saying,ª° Behold¹ a presentª for you of the spoilª¹ of the enemiesª° of the LORD;ª" {1Sm 30:26} + "And Davidª said,ª° Is there¹ yet²¹ any¹ that is leftª° of the houseª of Saul,ª that I may shewª°¹ him kindnessª for Jonathan's²¹ sake?¹" {2Sm 9:1} + "And Davidª saidª° unto him, Fearª° not:¹ for¹ I will surely²° shewª°¹ thee kindnessª for Jonathanª thy father'sª sake,¹ and will restoreª° thee¹ all¹ the landª of Saulª thy father;ª and thou¹ shalt eatª° breadª at¹ my tableª continually.ª" {2Sm 9:7} + "And he saidª° unto him, Sayª° now¹ unto¹ her, Behold,¹ thou hast been carefulª° for¹ us with¹ all¹ this¹ care;ª what¹ [is] to be doneª° for thee? wouldestª thou be spokenª° for to¹ the king,ª or¹ to¹ the captainª of the host?ª And she answered,ª° I¹ dwellª° amongª mine own people.ª" {2Kg 4:13} + "And the kingª said,ª° What¹ honourª and dignityª hath been doneª° to Mordecaiª for¹ this?¹ Then saidª° the king'sª servantsª that ministeredª° unto him, There is nothingª¹ doneª° for¹ him." {Est 6:3} + "Now there was foundª° in it a poorª wiseª man,ª and he¹ by his wisdomª deliveredª°¹ the city;ª yet no¹ manª rememberedª°¹ that same¹ poorª man.ª" {Ecc 9:15}
the children:
"And the firstbornª bareª° a son,ª and calledª° his nameª Moab:ª the sameª [is] the fatherª of the Moabitesª unto¹ this day.ª ... And the younger,ª she¹ also¹ bareª° a son,ª and calledª° his nameª Benammi:ª the same¹ [is] the fatherª of the childrenª of Ammonª unto¹ this day.ª" {Gen 19:37-38} + "An Ammoniteª or Moabiteª shall not¹ enterª° into the congregationª of the LORD;ª even¹ to their tenthª generationª shall they not¹ enterª° into the congregationª of the LORDª for² ever:ª¹ ... Thou shalt not¹ seekª° their peaceª nor their prosperityª all¹ thy daysª for ever.ª" {Deu 23:3-6} + "Now Tobiahª the Ammoniteª [was] by¹ him,² and he said,ª° Even¹ that which¹ they¹ build,ª° if¹ a foxª go up,ª° he shall even break downª° their stoneª wall.ª" {Neh 4:3} + "But it came to pass,¹ [that] when¹ Sanballat,ª and Tobiah,ª and the Arabians,ª and the Ammonites,ª and the Ashdodites,ª heardª° that¹ the wallsª of Jerusalemª were made up,ªª° [and] that¹ the breachesª° beganª° to be stopped,ª° then they were veryª wroth,ª°" {Neh 4:7} + "On that¹ dayª they readª° in the bookª of Mosesª in the audienceª of the people;ª and therein was foundª° written,ª° that¹ the Ammoniteª and the Moabiteª should not¹ comeª° into the congregationª of Godª for² ever;ª¹" {Neh 13:1}

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