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{1 Chronicles 19:3} But the princes 8269 of the children 1121 of Ammon 5983 said 559 z8799 to Hanun, 2586 Thinkest 5869 thou that David 1732 doth honour 3513 z8764 x853 thy father, 1 that x3588 he hath sent 7971 z8804 comforters 5162 z8764 unto thee? are not x3808 his servants 5650 come 935 z8804 unto x413 thee for x5668 to search, 2713 z8800 and to overthrow, 2015 z8800 and to spy out 7270 z8763 the land? 776
but the princes:
"And the princesª of the Philistinesª were wrothª° with¹ him; and the princesª of the Philistinesª saidª° unto him, Make²° this fellow² return,ª°¹¹ that he may go againª° to¹ his placeª which¹¹ thou hast appointedª° him, and let him not¹ go downª° with¹ us to battle,ª lest¹ in the battleª he be¹ an adversaryª to us: for wherewith¹ should he reconcileª° himself¹ unto¹ his master?ª [should it] not¹ [be] with the headsª of these¹ men?²¹" {1Sm 29:4} + "And Achishª answeredª° and saidª° to¹ David,ª I knowª° that¹ thou¹ [art] goodª in my sight,ª as an angelª of God:ª notwithstanding¹ the princesª of the Philistinesª have said,ª° He shall not¹ go upª° with¹ us to the battle.ª" {1Sm 29:9} + "But he forsookª°¹ the counselª of the old men,ª which¹ they had givenª° him, and consultedª° with¹ the young menª that¹ were grown upª° with¹ him, [and] which¹ stoodª° beforeª him: ... And now¹ whereas my fatherª did ladeª°¹ you with a heavyª yoke,ª I¹ will addª° to¹ your yoke:ª my fatherª hath chastisedª° you with whips,ª but I¹ will chastiseª° you with scorpions.ª" {1Kg 12:8-11}
Thinkest thou that David:
Heb. In thine eyes doth David, "Doth²° notª behave itself unseemly,ª° seekethª° notª her own,ª is²° notª easily provoked,ª° thinkethª° noª evil;ª ... Bearethª° all things,ª believethª° all things,ª hopethª° all things,ª endurethª° all things.ª" {1Co 13:5-7}
to search:
"And Josephª rememberedª°¹ the dreamsª which¹ he dreamedª° of them, and saidª° unto¹ them, Ye¹ [are] spies;ª° to seeª°¹ the nakednessª of the landª ye are come.ª° ... And Josephª saidª° unto¹ them the thirdª day,ª This¹ do,ª° and live;ª° [for] I¹ fearª¹ God:ª" {Gen 42:9-18} + "And Joshuaª the sonª of Nunª sentª° out of¹ Shittimª twoª men²¹ to spyª° secretly,ª saying,ª° Go²°¹ viewª°¹ the land,ª even Jericho.ª And they went,²°¹ and came²° into¹ an harlot'sª°¹ house,ª² namedª Rahab,ª and lodgedª° there.¹ ... And the kingª of Jerichoª sentª° unto¹ Rahab,ª saying,ª° Bring forthª° the men²¹ that are comeª° to¹ thee, which¹ are enteredª° into thine house:ª for¹ they be comeª° to search outª°¹ all¹ the country.ª" {Jsh 2:1-3} + "And the houseª of Josephª sent to descryª° Bethel.ª (Now the nameª of the cityª beforeª [was] Luz.)ª ... And the spiesª° sawª° a manª come forthª° out of¹ the city,ª and they saidª° unto him, Shewª° us, we pray thee,¹¹ the entranceª into the city,ª and we will shewª°¹ thee mercy.ª" {Jdg 1:23-24} + "And the childrenª of Danª sentª° of their familyª¹ fiveª men²¹ from their coasts,ª¹ men²¹ of valour,ª from Zorah,ª¹ and from Eshtaol,ª¹ to spy²° out¹¹ the land,ª and to searchª° it; and they saidª° unto¹ them, Go,²°¹ searchª°¹ the land:ª who when they cameª° to mountª Ephraim,ª to¹ the houseª of Micah,ª they lodgedª° there.¹" {Jdg 18:2} + "And they cameª° unto¹ their brethrenª to Zorahª and Eshtaol:ª and their brethrenª saidª° unto them, What¹ [say] ye?¹ ... When ye go,ª° ye shall comeª° unto¹ a peopleª secure,ª° and to a largeª land:ª for¹ Godª hath givenª° it into your hands;ª a placeª where¹ [there is] no¹ wantª of any¹ thingª that¹ [is] in the earth.ª" {Jdg 18:8-10}

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