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{2 Chronicles 20:19} And the Levites, 3881 of the children 1121 of x4480 the Kohathites, 6956 and of x4480 the children 1121 of the Korhites, 7145 stood up 6965 z8799 to praise 1984 z8763 the LORD 3068 God 430 of Israel 3478 with a loud 1419 voice 6963 on high. 4605
"And Davidª spakeª° to the chiefª of the Levitesª to appointª°¹ their brethrenª [to be] the singersª° with instrumentsª of musick,ª psalteriesª and harpsª and cymbals,ª sounding,ª° by lifting upª° the voiceª with joy.ª ... And Chenaniah,ª chiefª of the Levites,ª [was] for song:ª he instructedª about the song,ª because¹ he¹ [was] skilful.ª°" {1Ch 15:16-22} + "Asaphª the chief,ª and nextª to him Zechariah,ª Jeiel,ª and Shemiramoth,ª and Jehiel,ª and Mattithiah,ª and Eliab,ª and Benaiah,ª and Obededom:ª and Jeielª with psalteriesªª and with harps;ª but Asaphª made a soundª° with cymbals;ª" {1Ch 16:5} + "And with¹ them Hemanª and Jeduthunª with trumpetsª and cymbalsª for those that should make a sound,ª° and with musicalª instrumentsª of God.ª And the sonsª of Jeduthunª [were] porters.ª" {1Ch 16:42} + "Moreover fourª thousandª [were] porters;ª and fourª thousandª praisedª° the LORDª with the instrumentsª which¹ I made,ª° [said David], to praiseª° [therewith]." {1Ch 23:5} + "Moreover Davidª and the captainsª of the hostª separatedª° to the serviceª of the sonsª of Asaph,ª and of Heman,ª and of Jeduthun,ª who should prophesyª°°² with harps,ª with psalteries,ª and with cymbals:ª and the numberª of the workmenª²¹ according to their serviceª was:¹ ... So the numberª of them, with¹ their brethrenª that were instructedª° in the songsª of the LORD,ª [even] all¹ that were cunning,ª° was¹ two hundredª fourscoreª and eight.ª" {1Ch 25:1-7}
"[[To the chief Musicianª° for the sonsª of Korah,ª Maschil.]]ª° We have heardª° with our ears,ª O God,ª our fathersª have toldª° us, [what] workª thou didstª° in their days,ª in the timesª of old.ª" {Psa 44:1} + "[[To the chief Musician,ª° A Psalmª for the sonsª of Korah.]]ª Hearª° this,¹ all¹ [ye] people;ª give ear,ª° all¹ [ye] inhabitantsª° of the world:ª" {Psa 49:1} *titles
a loud:
"It came even to pass,¹ as the trumpetersª°° and singersª° [were] as one,ª to make oneª soundª to be heardª° in praisingª° and thankingª° the LORD;ª and when they lifted upª° [their] voiceª with the trumpetsª and cymbalsª and instrumentsª of musick,ª and praisedª° the LORD,ª [saying], For¹ [he is] good;ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª that [then] the houseª was filledª° with a cloud,ª [even] the houseª of the LORD;ª" {2Ch 5:13} + "But manyª of the priestsª¹ and Levitesª and chiefª of the fathers,ª [who were] ancient men,ª that¹ had seenª°¹ the firstª house,ª when the foundation²° of this house² was laidª°¹¹ before their eyes,ª weptª° with a loudª voice;ª and manyª shouted² aloudª°¹¹ for joy:ª ... So that the peopleª could not¹ discernª° the noiseª of the shoutª of joyª from the noiseª of the weepingª of the people:ª for¹ the peopleª shoutedª° with a loudª shout,ª and the noiseª was heardª° afar off.ª¹¹" {Ezr 3:12-13} + "And Maaseiah,ª and Shemaiah,ª and Eleazar,ª and Uzzi,ª and Jehohanan,ª and Malchijah,ª and Elam,ª and Ezer.ª And the singersª° sang loud,ª° with Jezrahiahª [their] overseer.ª ... Also that¹ dayª they offeredª° greatª sacrifices,ª and rejoiced:ª° for¹ Godª had made them rejoiceª° with greatª joy:ª the wivesª also¹ and the childrenª rejoiced:ª° so that the joyª of Jerusalemª was heardª° even afar off.ª¹" {Neh 12:42-43} + "[[To the chief Musicianª° upon¹ Gittith,ª [A Psalm] of Asaph.]]ª Sing aloudª° unto Godª our strength:ª make a joyful noiseª° unto the Godª of Jacob.ª" {Psa 81:1} + "O come,²°¹ let us singª° unto the LORD:ª let us make a joyful noiseª° to the rockª of our salvation.ª ... Let us come²° before¹ his presenceª with thanksgiving,ª and make a joyful noiseª° unto him with psalms.ª" {Psa 95:1-2}

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