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{Nehemiah 10:38} And the priest 3548 the son 1121 of Aaron 175 shall be x1961 with x5973 the Levites, 3881 when the Levites 3881 take tithes: 6237 z8687 and the Levites 3881 shall bring up 5927 z8686 x853 the tithe 4643 of the tithes 4643 unto the house 1004 of our God, 430 to x413 the chambers, 3957 into the treasure 214 house. 1004
when the Levites:
"Thus speakª° unto¹ the Levites,ª and sayª° unto¹ them, When¹ ye takeª° of¹¹ the childrenª of Israelª¹ the tithesª which¹ I have givenª° you from¹¹ them for your inheritance,ª then ye shall offer²° up¹ an heave offeringª of¹ it for the LORD,ª [even] a tenthª [part] of¹ the tithe.ª ... Thus¹ ye¹ also¹ shall offerª° an heave offeringª unto the LORDª of all¹¹ your tithes,ª which¹ ye receiveª° of¹¹ the childrenª of Israel;ª and ye shall giveª° thereof¹¹ the LORD'Sª heave offeringª to Aaronª the priest.ª" {Num 18:26-28}
the tithe:
The tithes of all the produce of the fields were brought to the Levites; and out of these a tenth part was given to the priests, which is here called the tithe of the tithes. See the parallel passages.
the treasure house:
"Then broughtª° all¹ Judahª the titheª of the cornª and the new wineª and the oilª unto the treasuries.ª ... And I made treasurersª° over¹ the treasuries,ª Shelemiahª the priest,ª and Zadokª the scribe,ª° and of¹ the Levites,ª Pedaiah:ª and next to¹¹ them² [was] Hananª the sonª of Zaccur,ª the sonª of Mattaniah:ª for¹ they were countedª° faithful,ª° and their office¹ [was] to distributeª° unto their brethren.ª" {Neh 13:12-13} + "For¹ these¹ Levites,ª the fourª chiefª porters,ª were in [their] set office,ª and were¹ over¹ the chambersª and treasuriesª of the houseª of God.ª" {1Ch 9:26} + "Then Hezekiahª commandedª° to prepareª° chambersª in the houseª of the LORD;ª and they preparedª° [them], ... And brought inª°¹ the offeringsª and the tithesª and the dedicatedª [things] faithfully:ª over¹ which Cononiahª the Levite²¹ [was] ruler,ª and Shimeiª his brotherª [was] the next.ª" {2Ch 31:11-12}

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