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{Esther 8:17} And in every x3605 province, 4082 and in every x3605 city, 5892 whithersoever 4725 x834 the king's 4428 commandment 1697 and his decree 1881 came, 5060 z8688 the Jews 3064 had joy 8057 and gladness, 8342 a feast 4960 and a good 2896 day. 3117 And many 7227 of the people 5971 x4480 of the land 776 became Jews; 3054 z8693 for x3588 the fear 6343 of the Jews 3064 fell 5307 z8804 upon x5921 them.
a feast:
"On the thirteenthªª dayª of the monthª Adar;ª and on the fourteenthªª day of the same rested²¹ they, and madeª° it a dayª of feastingª and gladness.ª" {Est 9:17} + "Therefore¹¹ the Jewsª of the villages,ª that dweltª° in the unwalledª towns,ª madeª°¹ the fourteenthªª dayª of the monthª Adarª [a day of] gladnessª and feasting,ª and a goodª day,ª and of sendingª portionsª oneª to another.ª" {Est 9:19} + "As the daysª wherein¹ the Jewsª restedª° from their enemies,ª°¹ and the monthª which¹ was turnedª° unto them from sorrowª¹ to joy,ª and from mourningª¹ into a goodª day:ª that they should makeª° them daysª of feastingª and joy,ª and of sendingª portionsª oneª to another,ª and giftsª to the poor.ª" {Est 9:22} + "Askª°¹ thy young men,ª and they will shewª° thee. Wherefore let the young menª findª° favourª in thine eyes:ª for¹ we comeª° in¹ a goodª day:ª give,ª° I pray thee,¹¹ whatsoever¹ comethª° to thine handª unto thy servants,ª and to thy sonª David.ª" {1Sm 25:8} + "Then he saidª° unto them, Go¹ your way,²° eatª° the fat,ª and drinkª° the sweet,ª and sendª° portionsª unto them for whom nothing¹ is prepared:ª° for¹ [this] dayª [is] holyª unto our Lord:ª neither¹ be ye sorry;ª° for¹ the joyª of the LORDª is your strength.ª" {Neh 8:10}
many of the people:
"Thou hast deliveredª° me from the strivingsª¹ of the people;ª [and] thou hast madeª° me the headª of the heathen:ª a peopleª [whom] I have not¹ knownª° shall serveª° me." {Psa 18:43} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª [It shall] yet¹ [come to pass], that¹ there shall comeª° people,ª and the inhabitantsª° of manyª cities:ª ... Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª In those¹ daysª [it shall come to pass], that¹ tenª men²¹ shall take holdª° out of all¹¹ languagesª of the nations,ª even shall take holdª° of the skirtª of him¹ that is a Jew,ª² saying,ª° We will go²°¹ with¹ you: for¹ we have heardª° [that] Godª [is] with¹ you." {Zch 8:20-23}
for the fear:
"The Jewsª gathered themselves togetherª° in their citiesª throughout all¹ the provincesª of the kingª Ahasuerus,ª to layª° handª on such as soughtª° their hurt:ª and no¹ manª could withstandª° them;² for¹ the fearª of them fellª° upon¹ all¹ people.ª" {Est 9:2} + "And they journeyed:ª° and the terrorª of Godª was¹ upon¹ the citiesª that¹ [were] round aboutª them, and they did not¹ pursueª° afterª the sonsª of Jacob.ª" {Gen 35:5} + "Fearª and dreadª shall fallª° upon¹ them; by the greatnessª of thine armª they shall be [as] stillª° as a stone;ª till¹ thy peopleª pass over,ª° O LORD,ª till¹ the peopleª pass over,ª° [which]ª thou hast purchased.ª°" {Exd 15:16} + "This¹ dayª will I beginª° to putª° the dreadª of thee and the fearª of thee upon¹ the nationsª² [that are] under¹ the whole¹ heaven,ª who¹ shall hearª° reportª of thee, and shall tremble,ª° and be in anguishª° because¹¹ of thee.²" {Deu 2:25} + "There shall no¹ manª be able to standª° beforeª you: [for] the LORDª your Godª shall layª° the fearª of you and the dreadª of you uponª¹ all¹ the landª that¹ ye shall treadª° upon, as¹ he hath saidª° unto you." {Deu 11:25}

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