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{Job 20:11} His bones 6106 are full 4390 z8804 [of the sin] of his youth, 5934 which shall lie down 7901 z8799 with x5973 him in x5921 the dust. 6083
"For¹ thou writestª° bitter thingsª against¹ me, and makest me to possessª° the iniquitiesª of my youth.ª" {Job 13:26} + "My boneª cleavethª° to my skinª and to my flesh,ª and I am escapedª° with the skinª of my teeth.ª" {Job 19:20} + "Rememberª° not¹ the sinsª of my youth,ª nor my transgressions:ª according to thy mercyª rememberª° thou¹ me for thy goodness'² sake,¹¹ O LORD.ª" {Psa 25:7} + "And thou mournª° at the last,ª when thy fleshª and thy bodyª are consumed,ª° ... And have not¹ obeyedª° the voiceª of my teachers,ª° nor¹ inclinedª° mine earª to them that instructedª° me!" {Prv 5:11-13} + "His own iniquitiesª shall takeª°¹ the wickedª himself, and he shall be holdenª° with the cordsª of his sins.ª ... He¹ shall dieª° without¹ instruction;ª and in the greatnessª of his follyª he shall go astray.ª°" {Prv 5:22-23} + "And they shall not¹ lieª° with¹ the mightyª [that are] fallenª° of the uncircumcised,ª¹ which¹ are gone downª° to hellª with their weaponsª of war:ª and they have laidª°¹ their swordsª under¹ their heads,ª but their iniquitiesª shall be¹ upon¹ their bones,ª though¹ [they were] the terrorª of the mightyª in the landª of the living.ª" {Ezk 32:27}
which shall lie:
"They shall lie downª° alikeª in¹ the dust,ª and the wormsª shall coverª°¹ them." {Job 21:26} + "The wickedª is driven awayª° in his wickedness:ª but the righteousª hath hopeª° in his death.ª" {Prv 14:32} + "In thy filthinessª [is] lewdness:ª because¹ I have purgedª° thee, and thou wast not¹ purged,ª° thou shalt not¹ be purgedª° from thy filthinessª¹ any more,¹ till¹ I have caused¹ my furyª to restª° upon thee." {Ezk 24:13} + "Thenª saidª° Jesusª againª unto them,ª Iª go my way,ª° andª ye shall seekª° me,ª andª shall dieª° inª yourª sins:ª whitherª Iª go,ª° yeª cannotªª° come.ª°" {Jhn 8:21} + "I saidª° thereforeª unto you,ª thatª ye shall dieª° inª yourª sins:ª forª if²°¹ ye believeª° not²¹ thatª Iª amª° [he], ye shall dieª° inª yourª sins.ª" {Jhn 8:24} + "That he may takeª° partª of thisª ministryª andª apostleship,ª fromª whichª Judasª by transgression fell,ª° that he might goª° toª his ownª place.ª" {Act 1:25}

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