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{Psalms 136:15} But overthrew y5287 z8765 x5286 Pharaoh 6547 and his host 2428 in the Red 5488 sea: 3220 for x3588 his mercy 2617 [endureth] for ever. 5769
But overthrew:
Heb. But shaked off, "And he ledª° them on safely,ª so that they fearedª° not:¹ but the seaª overwhelmedª° their enemies.ª°" {Psa 78:53} + "[Who] sentª° tokensª and wondersª into the midstª of thee, O Egypt,ª upon Pharaoh,ª and upon all¹ his servants.ª" {Psa 135:9} + "And Mosesª stretched forthª°¹ his handª over¹ the sea,ª and the seaª returnedª° to his strengthª when the morningª appeared;ª° and the Egyptiansª fledª° againstª° it; and the LORDª overthrewª°¹ the Egyptiansª in the midstª of the sea.ª ... And the watersª returned,ª° and coveredª°¹ the chariots,ª and the horsemen,ª [and] all¹ the hostª of Pharaohª that cameª° into the seaª afterª them; there remainedª° not¹ so much asª oneª of them." {Exd 14:27-28} + "Pharaoh'sª chariotsª and his hostª hath he castª° into the sea:ª his chosenª captainsª also are drownedª° in the Redª sea.ª ... The depthsª have coveredª° them: they sankª° into the bottomª asª a stone.ª" {Exd 15:4-5} + "Thou didst blowª° with thy wind,ª the seaª coveredª° them: they sankª° as leadª in the mightyª waters.ª ... Who¹ [is] like unto thee,¹ O LORD,ª among the gods?ª who¹ [is] like thee,¹ gloriousª° in holiness,ª fearfulª° [in] praises,ª doingª° wonders?ª" {Exd 15:10-11} + "And shewedstª° signsª and wondersª upon Pharaoh,ª and on all¹ his servants,ª and on all¹ the peopleª of his land:ª for¹ thou knewestª° that¹ they dealt proudlyª° against¹ them. So didst thou getª° thee a name,ª as [it is] this¹ day.ª ... And thou didst divideª° the seaª beforeª them, so that they went throughª° the midstª of the seaª on the dry land;ª and their persecutorsª° thou threwestª° into the deeps,ª as¹ a stoneª into the mightyª waters.ª" {Neh 9:10-11}
for his mercy:
"[By] terrible thingsª° in righteousnessª wilt thou answerª° us, O Godª of our salvation;ª [who art] the confidenceª of all¹ the endsª of the earth,ª and of them that are afar offª [upon] the sea:ª" {Psa 65:5} + "Pour outª° thy wrathª upon¹ the heathenª that¹ have not¹ knownª° thee, and upon¹ the kingdomsª that¹ have not¹ calledª° upon thy name.ª ... Helpª° us, O Godª of our salvation,ª forª¹ the gloryª of thy name:ª and deliverª° us, and purge awayª°¹ our sins,ª for thy name's² sake.¹¹" {Psa 79:6-9} + "And of thy mercyª cut offª° mine enemies,ª° and destroyª° all¹ them that afflictª° my soul:ª for¹ I¹ [am] thy servant.ª" {Psa 143:12} + "Thou stretchedst outª° thy right hand,ª the earthª swallowedª° them. ... Thou in thy mercyª hast led forthª° the peopleª [which]ª thou hast redeemed:ª° thou hast guidedª° [them] in thy strengthª unto¹ thy holyª habitation.ª" {Exd 15:12-13} + "That we should be savedª fromª ourª enemies,ª andª fromª the handª of allª that hateª° us;ª ... That he would grantª° unto us,ª that we being deliveredª° out ofª the handª of ourª enemiesª might serveª° himª without fear,ª" {Lke 1:71-74}

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