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{Proverbs 25:5} Take away 1898 z8800 the wicked 7563 [from] before 6440 the king, 4428 and his throne 3678 shall be established 3559 z8735 in righteousness. 6664
"A kingª that sitteth¹ in²°¹ the throneª of judgmentª scattereth awayª° all¹ evilª with his eyes.ª" {Prv 20:8} + "Their bloodª shall therefore returnª° upon the headª of Joab,ª and upon the headª of his seedª for ever:ª but upon David,ª and upon his seed,ª and upon his house,ª and upon his throne,ª shall there be¹ peaceª for² everª¹ from¹¹ the LORD.ª" {1Kg 2:33} + "So the kingª commandedª°¹ Benaiahª the sonª of Jehoiada;ª which went out,ª° and fellª° upon him, that he died.ª° And the kingdomª was establishedª° in the handª of Solomon.ª" {1Kg 2:46} + "So they hangedª°¹ Hamanª on¹ the gallowsª that¹ he had preparedª° for Mordecai.ª Then was the king'sª wrathª pacified.ª°" {Est 7:10} + "Wherein¹ the kingª grantedª° the Jewsª which¹ [were] in every¹ cityª to gather themselves together,ª° and to standª° for¹ their life,ª to destroy,ª° to slay,ª° and to cause to perish,ª°¹ all¹ the powerª of the peopleª and provinceª that would assaultª° them, [both] little onesª and women,ª and [to take] the spoilª of them for a prey,ª° ... And in every¹ province,ª and in every¹ city,ª whithersoeverª¹ the king'sª commandmentª and his decreeª came,ª° the Jewsª had joyª and gladness,ª a feastª and a goodª day.ª And manyª of the peopleª¹ of the landª became Jews;ª° for¹ the fearª of the Jewsª fellª° upon¹ them." {Est 8:11-17} + "He that workethª° deceitª shall not¹ dwellª° withinª my house:ª he that tellethª° liesª shall not¹ tarryª° in¹ my sight.ª ... I will earlyª destroyª° all¹ the wickedª of the land;ª that I may cut offª° all¹ wickedª doersª° from the cityª¹ of the LORD.ª" {Psa 101:7-8}
"[It is] an abominationª to kingsª to commitª° wickedness:ª for¹ the throneª is establishedª° by righteousness.ª" {Prv 16:12} + "Mercyª and truthª preserveª° the king:ª and his throneª is upholdenª° by mercy.ª" {Prv 20:28} + "The kingª that faithfullyª judgethª° the poor,ª his throneª shall be establishedª° for ever.ª" {Prv 29:14} + "Of the increaseª of [his] governmentª and peaceª [there shall be] no¹ end,ª upon¹ the throneª of David,ª and upon¹ his kingdom,ª to orderª° it, and to establishª° it with judgmentª and with justiceª from henceforth¹¹ even for² ever.ª¹ The zealª of the LORDª of hostsª will performª° this.¹" {Isa 9:7} + "And in mercyª shall the throneª be established:ª° and he shall sitª° upon¹ it in truthª in the tabernacleª of David,ª judging,ª° and seekingª° judgment,ª and hastingª righteousness.ª" {Isa 16:5}

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