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{Proverbs 28:2} For the transgression 6588 of a land 776 many 7227 [are] the princes 8269 thereof: but by a man 120 of understanding 995 z8688 [and] knowledge 3045 z8802 the state 3651 [thereof] shall be prolonged. 748 z8686
the transgression:
"And Nadabª the sonª of Jeroboamª began to reignª° over¹ Israelª in the secondª yearª of Asaª kingª of Judah,ª and reignedª° over¹ Israelª two² years.ª" {1Kg 15:25} + "Even in the thirdª yearª of Asaª kingª of Judahª did Baashaª slayª° him, and reignedª° in his stead.¹" {1Kg 15:28} + "In the twentyª² and sixthª yearª of Asaª kingª of Judahª began Elahª the sonª of Baashaª to reignª° over¹ Israelª in Tirzah,ª two years.ª ... And in the thirtyª² and eighthª yearª of Asaª kingª of Judahª began Ahabª the sonª of Omriª to reignª° over¹ Israel:ª and Ahabª the sonª of Omriª reignedª° over¹ Israelª in Samariaª twentyª and twoª years.ª" {1Kg 16:8-29} + "In the thirtyª² and eighthª yearª of Azariahª kingª of Judahª did Zachariahª the sonª of Jeroboamª reignª° over¹ Israelª in Samariaª sixª months.ª ... And the restª of the actsª of Pekah,ª and all¹ that¹ he did,ª° behold,¹ they [are] writtenª° in¹ the bookª of the chroniclesªª of the kingsª of Israel.ª" {2Kg 15:8-31} + "Then the peopleª of the landª tookª°¹ Jehoahazª the sonª of Josiah,ª and made him kingª° in his father's² stead¹¹ in Jerusalem.ª ... And he didª° [that which was] evilª in the sightª of the LORDª his God,ª [and] humbled²° not himself¹¹ beforeª¹ Jeremiahª the prophetª [speaking] from the mouthª¹ of the LORD.ª" {2Ch 36:1-12} + "For,¹ behold,¹ the Lord,ª the LORDª of hosts,ª doth take awayª° from Jerusalemª¹ and from Judahª¹ the stayª and the staff,ª the whole¹ stayª of bread,ª and the wholeª stayª of water,ª ... In that¹ dayª shall he swear,ª° saying,ª° I will not¹ be¹ an healer;ª° for in my houseª [is] neither¹ breadª nor¹ clothing:ª makeª° me not¹ a rulerª of the people.ª" {Isa 3:1-7} + "I gaveª° thee a kingª in mine anger,ª and took²° [him] away¹ in my wrath.ª" {Hsa 13:11}
"Now¹ therefore be not¹ grieved,ª° nor¹ angryª° with yourselves,ª that¹ ye soldª° me hither:¹ for¹ Godª did sendª° me before¹ you² to preserve life.ª ... So now¹ [it was] not¹ you¹ [that] sentª° me hither,¹ but¹ God:ª and he hath madeª° me a fatherª to Pharaoh,ª and lordª of all¹ his house,ª and a rulerª° throughout all¹ the landª of Egypt.ª" {Gen 45:5-8} + "And for¹ this¹ [cause] Hezekiahª the king,ª and the prophetª Isaiahª the sonª of Amoz,ª prayedª° and criedª° to heaven.ª ... Notwithstanding Hezekiahª humbled²° himself¹ for the prideª of his heart,ª [both] he¹ and the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem,ª so that the wrathª of the LORDª cameª° not¹ upon¹ them in the daysª of Hezekiah.ª" {2Ch 32:20-26} + "Thou shalt also decreeª° a thing,ª and it shall be establishedª° unto thee: and the lightª shall shineª° upon¹ thy ways.ª ... He shall deliverª° the islandª of the innocent:ª and it is deliveredª° by the purenessª of thine hands.ª" {Job 22:28-30} + "Now there was foundª° in it a poorª wiseª man,ª and he¹ by his wisdomª deliveredª°¹ the city;ª yet no¹ manª rememberedª°¹ that same¹ poorª man.ª" {Ecc 9:15} + "And [they that shall be] of¹ thee shall buildª° the oldª waste places:ª thou shalt raise upª° the foundationsª of many² generations;ª and thou shalt be called,ª° The repairerª° of the breach,ª The restorerª° of pathsª to dwell¹ in.²°" {Isa 58:12} + "Wherefore,ª O king,ª let my counselª be acceptableª° unto¹ thee,² and break¹ off²° thy sinsª by righteousness,ª and thine iniquitiesª by shewing mercyª° to the poor;ª° ifª it may beª° a lengtheningª of thy tranquillity.ª" {Dan 4:27}
by a man:
etc. by men of understanding and wisdom shall they likewise be prolonged

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