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{Proverbs 28:14} Happy 835 [is] the man 120 that feareth 6342 z8764 alway: 8548 but he that hardeneth 7185 z8688 his heart 3820 shall fall 5307 z8799 into mischief. 7451
"Let not¹ thine heartª envyª° sinners:ª but¹ [be thou] in the fearª of the LORDª all¹ the dayª long." {Prv 23:17} + "Serveª°¹ the LORDª with fear,ª and rejoiceª° with trembling.ª" {Psa 2:11} + "I have setª° the LORDª alwaysª before¹ me: because¹ [he is] at my right hand,ª¹ I shall not¹ be moved.ª°" {Psa 16:8} + "Praiseª° ye the LORD.ª Blessedª [is] the manª [that] fearethª°¹ the LORD,ª [that] delightethª° greatlyª in his commandments.ª" {Psa 112:1} + "For all¹ those¹ [things] hath mine handª made,ª° and all¹ those¹ [things] have been,¹ saithª° the LORD:ª but to¹ this¹ [man] will I look,ª° [even] to¹ [him that is] poorª and of a contriteª spirit,ª and tremblethª at¹ my word.ª" {Isa 66:2} + "And I will makeª° an everlastingª covenantª with them, that¹ I will not¹ turn awayª° from¹¹ them,² to do them good;ª°¹ but I will putª° my fearª in their hearts,ª that they shall not¹ departª° from¹¹ me." {Jer 32:40} + "Well;ª because of unbeliefª they were broken off,ª° andª thouª standestª° by faith.ª Be²° not² highminded,ª°¹ butª fear:ª°°" {Rom 11:20} + "Let us²° thereforeª fear,ª° lest,ª a promiseª being leftª° [us] of enteringª° intoª hisª rest,ª anyª ofª youª should seemª° to come short¹ of it.²°" {Hbr 4:1} + "Andª ifª ye call onª° the Father,ª who² without respect of persons² judgethª°¹ according¹ to² every man'sª work,ª passª° the¹ timeª of yourª sojourningª [here] inª fear:ª" {1Pe 1:17}
"He,ª that being often reprovedª hardenethª° [his] neck,ª shall suddenlyª be destroyed,ª° and that without¹ remedy.ª" {Prv 29:1} + "And the magiciansª of Egyptª didª° so¹ with their enchantments:ª and Pharaoh'sª heartª was hardened,ª° neither¹ did he hearkenª° unto¹ them; as¹ the LORDª had said.ª°" {Exd 7:22} + "And the Egyptiansª pursued,ª° and went inª° afterª them to¹ the midstª of the sea,ª [even] all¹ Pharaoh'sª horses,ª his chariots,ª and his horsemen.ª" {Exd 14:23} + "[He is] wiseª in heart,ª and mightyª in strength:ª who¹ hath hardenedª° [himself] against¹ him, and hath prospered?ª°" {Job 9:4} + "Orª despisest¹ thou²° the¹ richesª of his²¹ goodnessª andª forbearanceª andª longsuffering;ª not knowingª° thatª the¹ goodnessª of Godª leadethª° theeª toª repentance?ª" {Rom 2:4}

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