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{Proverbs 28:21} To have respect 5234 z8687 of persons 6440 [is] not x3808 good: 2896 for for x5921 a piece 6595 of bread 3899 [that] man 1397 will transgress. 6586 z8799
"[It is] not¹ goodª to acceptª° the personª of the wicked,ª to overthrowª° the righteousª in judgment.ª" {Prv 18:5} + "These¹ [things] also¹ [belong] to the wise.ª [It is] not¹ goodª to have respectª° of personsª in judgment.ª" {Prv 24:23} + "Thou shalt not¹ followª¹ a multitudeª to [do] evil;ª neither¹ shalt thou speakª° in¹ a causeª to declineª° afterª manyª to wrestª° [judgment]:" {Exd 23:2} + "And thou shalt takeª° no¹ gift:ª for¹ the giftª blindethª° the wise,ª and pervertethª° the wordsª of the righteous.ª" {Exd 23:8}
Erasmus observes that this expression probably originated from the circumstance of holding out a piece of bread to a dog, in order to soothe him. "And will ye polluteª° me among¹ my peopleª for handfulsª of barleyª and for piecesª of bread,ª to slayª° the soulsª that¹ should not¹ die,ª° and to save²° the souls² aliveª°¹ that¹ should not¹ live,ª° by your lyingª° to my peopleª that hearª° [your] lies?ª" {Ezk 13:19} + "Their drinkª is sour:ª° they have committed whoredom²° continually:ª° her rulersª [with] shameª do love,ª° Giveª° ye." {Hsa 4:18} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª concerning¹ the prophetsª that make¹ my peopleª err,ª° that biteª° with their teeth,ª and cry,ª° Peace;ª and he that¹ puttethª° not¹ into¹ their mouths,ª they even prepareª° warª against¹ him." {Mic 3:5} + "That they may do evilª¹ with both handsª earnestly,ª° the princeª asketh,ª° and the judgeª° [asketh] for a reward;ª and the greatª [man], he¹ utterethª° his mischievousª desire:ª so they wrap it up.ª°" {Mic 7:3} + "Forª they that are suchª serveª° notª ourª Lordª Jesusª Christ,ª butª their ownª belly;ª andª byª good wordsª andª fair speechesª deceiveª° the¹ heartsª of the¹ simple.ª" {Rom 16:18} + "Andª throughª covetousnessª shall they with feignedª wordsª make merchandiseª° of you:ª whoseª judgmentª now of a long timeª lingerethª° not,ª andª theirª damnationª slumberethª° not.ª" {2Pe 2:3}

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