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{Isaiah 3:26} And her gates 6607 shall lament 578 z8804 and mourn; 56 z8804 and she [being] desolate 5352 z8738 shall sit 3427 z8799 upon the ground. 776
her gates:
"Judahª mourneth,ª° and the gatesª thereof languish;ª° they are blackª° unto the ground;ª and the cryª of Jerusalemª is gone up.ª°" {Jer 14:2} + "The waysª of Zionª do mourn,ª because none¹¹ comeª° to the solemn feasts:ª all¹ her gatesª are desolate:ª° her priestsª sigh,ª° her virginsª are afflicted,ª° and she¹ [is] in bitterness.ª°" {Lam 1:4}
or, emptied, Heb. cleansed
shall sit:
"Come down,ª° and sitª° in¹ the dust,ª O virginª daughterª of Babylon,ª sitª° on the ground:ª [there is] no¹ throne,ª O daughterª of the Chaldeans:ª for¹ thou shalt no¹ moreª° be calledª° tenderª and delicate.ª" {Isa 47:1} + "And he tookª° him a potsherdª to scrape²° himself¹ withal; and he¹ sat downª° amongª the ashes.ª" {Job 2:8} + "So they sat downª° with¹ him upon the groundª sevenª daysª and sevenª nights,ª and none¹ spakeª° a wordª unto¹ him: for¹ they sawª° that¹ [his] griefª was very² great.ª°¹" {Job 2:13} + "The eldersª of the daughterª of Zionª sitª° upon the ground,ª [and] keep silence:ª° they have cast upª° dustª upon¹ their heads;ª they have girdedª° themselves with sackcloth:ª the virginsª of Jerusalemª hang downª° their headsª to the ground.ª" {Lam 2:10} + "Then all¹ the princesª of the seaª shall come downª° from¹¹ their thrones,ª and lay awayª°¹ their robes,ª and put offª° their broideredª garments:ª they shall clotheª° themselves with trembling;ª they shall sitª° upon¹ the ground,ª and shall trembleª° at [every] moment,ª and be astonishedª° at¹ thee." {Ezk 26:16} + "Andª shall lay²° thee² even with the ground,ª°¹ andª thyª childrenª withinª thee;ª andª they shall²° notª leaveª° inª theeª one stone² upon² another;ª¹ becauseªª thou knewestª° notª the¹ timeª of thyª visitation.ª" {Lke 19:44}

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