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{Isaiah 13:17} Behold, x2009 I will stir up 5782 z8688 x853 the Medes 4074 against x5921 them, which x834 shall not x3808 regard 2803 z8799 silver; 3701 and [as for] gold, 2091 they shall not x3808 delight 2654 z8799 in it.
I will:
"I¹ have commandedª° my sanctified ones,ª° I have also¹ calledª° my mighty onesª for mine anger,ª [even] them that rejoiceª in my highness.ª ... They comeª° from a far² country,ª¹¹ from the endª¹ of heaven,ª [even] the LORD,ª and the weaponsª of his indignation,ª to destroyª° the whole¹ land.ª" {Isa 13:3-5} + "A grievousª visionª is declaredª° unto me; the treacherous dealerª° dealeth treacherously,ª° and the spoilerª° spoileth.ª° Go up,ª° O Elam:ª besiege,ª° O Media;ª all¹ the sighingª thereof have I made to cease.ª°" {Isa 21:2} + "I have raised upª° [one] from the north,ª¹ and he shall come:ª° from the risingª¹ of the sunª shall he callª° upon my name:ª and he shall comeª° upon princesª as¹ [upon] morter,ª and as¹ the potterª° treadethª° clay.ª" {Isa 41:25} + "For,¹ lo,¹ I¹ will raiseª° and cause to come upª° against¹ Babylonª an assemblyª of greatª nationsª from the northª country:ª¹ and they shall set themselves in arrayª° against her; from thence¹¹ she shall be taken:ª° their arrowsª [shall be] as of a mightyª expert¹ man;°²°² none¹ shall returnª° in vain.ª" {Jer 50:9} + "Make brightª° the arrows;ª gatherª° the shields:ª the LORDª hath raised upª°¹ the spiritª of the kingsª of the Medes:ª for¹ his deviceª [is] against¹ Babylon,ª to destroyª° it; because¹ it¹ [is] the vengeanceª of the LORD,ª the vengeanceª of his temple.ª" {Jer 51:11} + "Set ye upª° a standardª in the land,ª blowª° the trumpetª among the nations,ª prepareª° the nationsª against¹ her, call togetherª° against¹ her the kingdomsª of Ararat,ª Minni,ª and Ashchenaz;ª appointª° a captainª against¹ her; cause the horsesª to come upª° as the roughª caterpillers.ª ... Prepareª° against¹ her the nationsª with¹ the kingsª of the Medes,ª¹ the captainsª thereof, and all¹ the rulersª thereof, and all¹ the landª of his dominion.ª" {Jer 51:27-28} + "PERES;ª° Thy kingdomª is divided,ª° and givenª° to the Medesª and Persians.ª ... And Dariusª the Medianª tookª° the kingdom,ª [being] about threescoreª and twoª yearsª old.ª" {Dan 5:28-31}
shall not regard:
"For¹ jealousyª [is] the rageª of a man:ª therefore he will not¹ spareª° in the dayª of vengeance.ª ... He will not¹ regardªª° any¹ ransom;ª neither¹ will he rest content,ª° though¹ thou givest manyª° gifts.ª" {Prv 6:34-35}

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