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{Isaiah 13:20} It shall never 5331 x3808 be inhabited, 3427 z8799 neither x3808 shall it be dwelt 7931 z8799 in from generation 1755 to x5704 generation: 1755 neither x3808 shall the Arabian 6163 pitch tent 167 z8762 there; x8033 neither x3808 shall the shepherds 7462 z8802 make their fold 7257 z8686 there. x8033
"I will also makeª° it a possessionª for the bittern,ª and poolsª of water:ª and I will sweepª° it with the besomª of destruction,ª° saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Isa 14:23} + "For¹ out of the northª¹ there cometh upª° a nationª against¹ her, which¹ shall makeª°¹ her landª desolate,ª and none¹ shall¹ dwellª° therein: they shall remove,ª° they shall depart,ª° both manª¹ and beast.ª" {Jer 50:3} + "Because of the wrathª¹ of the LORDª it shall not¹ be inhabited,ª° but it shall be¹ wholly¹ desolate:ª every one¹ that goethª° by¹ Babylonª shall be astonished,ª° and hissª° at¹ all¹ her plagues.ª" {Jer 50:13} + "Go upª° against¹ the landª of Merathaim,ª [even] against¹ it, and against¹ the inhabitantsª° of Pekod:ª wasteª° and utterly destroyª° afterª them, saithª° the LORD,ª and doª° according to all¹ that¹ I have commandedª° thee." {Jer 50:21} + "Therefore¹ the wild beasts of the desertª with¹ the wild beasts of the islandsª shall dwellª° [there], and the owlsªª shall dwellª° therein: and it shall be no¹ more¹ inhabitedª° for ever;ª neither¹ shall it be dwelt²° in¹ from¹ generationª to generation.ª" {Jer 50:39} + "Therefore¹ hearª° ye the counselª of the LORD,ª that¹ he hath takenª° against¹ Babylon;ª and his purposes,ª that¹ he hath purposedª° against¹ the landª of the Chaldeans:ª Surely¹¹ the leastª of the flockª shall draw them out:ª° surely¹¹ he shall make [their] habitationª desolateª° with¹ them." {Jer 50:45} + "Behold,¹ I [am] against¹ thee, O destroyingª mountain,ª saithª° the LORD,ª which destroyestª°¹ all¹ the earth:ª and I will stretch outª°¹ mine handª upon¹ thee, and roll thee downª° from¹ the rocks,ª and will makeª° thee a burntª mountain.ª" {Jer 51:25} + "And the landª shall trembleª° and sorrow:ª° for¹ every purposeª of the LORDª shall be performedª° against¹ Babylon,ª to makeª°¹ the landª of Babylonª a desolationª without¹¹ an inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 51:29} + "Her citiesª are¹ a desolation,ª a dryª land,ª and a wilderness,ª a landª wherein¹ no¹¹ manª dwelleth,ª° neither¹ doth [any] sonª of manª passª° thereby.ª" {Jer 51:43} + "Then shalt thou say,ª° O LORD,ª thou¹ hast spokenª° against¹ this¹ place,ª to cut it off,ª° that none¹ shall¹ remainª° in it, neither manª¹ nor¹ beast,ª but¹ that it shall be¹ desolateª for ever.ª ... And thou shalt say,ª° Thus¹ shall Babylonª sink,ª° and shall not¹ riseª° fromª¹ the evilª that¹ I¹ will bringª° upon¹ her: and they shall be weary.ª° Thus¹ far¹ [are] the wordsª of Jeremiah.ª" {Jer 51:62-64} + "Andª aª mightyª angelª took upª° a stoneª likeª a greatª millstone,ª andª castª° [it] intoª the¹ sea,ª saying,ª° Thusª with violenceª shall²° that greatª cityª Babylonª be thrown down,ª° andª shall be foundª° no more² at all.ª¹ ... Andª the lightª of a candleª shall shineª° no more² at allª¹ inª thee;ª andª the voiceª of the bridegroomª andª of the brideª shall be heardª° no more² at allª¹ inª thee:ª forª thyª merchantsª wereª° the¹ great menª of the¹ earth;ª forª byª thyª sorceriesª were²° allª nationsª deceived.ª°" {Rev 18:21-23}

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