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{Isaiah 13:22} And the wild beasts of the islands 338 shall cry 6030 z8804 in their desolate houses, 490 and dragons 8577 in [their] pleasant 6027 palaces: 1964 and her time 6256 [is] near 7138 to come, 935 z8800 and her days 3117 shall not x3808 be prolonged. 4900 z8735
the wild beasts:
Heb. Iim
desolate houses:
or, palaces, dragons. "And the parched groundª shall become¹ a pool,ª and the thirsty landª springsª of water:ª in the habitationª of dragons,²¹ where each lay,ª [shall be] grassª with reedsª and rushes.ª" {Isa 35:7}
her time:
"To me [belongeth] vengeance,ª and recompence;ª their footª shall slideª° in [due] time:ª for¹ the dayª of their calamityª [is] at hand,ª and the things that shall comeª upon them make haste.ª°" {Deu 32:35} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel;ª The daughterª of Babylonª [is] like a threshingfloor,ª [it is] timeª to threshª° her: yet¹ a little while,ª and the timeª of her harvestª shall come.ª°" {Jer 51:33} + "The morningª is comeª° unto¹ thee, O thou that dwellestª° in the land:ª the timeª is come,ª°°° the dayª of troubleª [is] near,ª and not¹ the sounding againª of the mountains.ª ... Behold¹ the day,ª behold,¹ it is come:ª° the morningª is gone forth;ª° the rodª hath blossomed,ª° prideª hath budded.ª°" {Ezk 7:7-10} + "For¹ the visionª [is] yet¹ for an appointed time,ª but at the endª it shall speak,ª° and not¹ lie:ª° though¹ it tarry,ª° waitª° for it; because¹ it will surely²° come,ª° it will not¹ tarry.ª°" {Hab 2:3} + "Andª throughª covetousnessª shall they with feignedª wordsª make merchandiseª° of you:ª whoseª judgmentª now of a long timeª lingerethª° not,ª andª theirª damnationª slumberethª° not.ª" {2Pe 2:3} + "The¹ Lordª is²° not² slackª°¹ concerning his promise,ª asª some menª countª° slackness;ª butª is longsufferingª° toª us-ward,ª notª willingª° that anyª should perish,ª° butª that allª should comeª° toª repentance.ª ... Butª the¹ dayª of the Lordª will comeª° asª a thiefª inª the night;ª inª the whichª the¹ heavensª shall pass awayª° with a great noise,ª andª the elementsª shall meltª° with fervent heat,ª° the earthª alsoª andª the¹ worksª that are thereinªª shall be burned up.ª°" {2Pe 3:9-10}

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