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{Isaiah 16:8} For x3588 the fields 7709 of Heshbon 2809 languish, 535 z8797 [and] the vine 1612 of Sibmah: 7643 the lords 1167 of the heathen 1471 have broken down 1986 z8804 the principal plants 8291 thereof, they are come 5060 z8804 [even] unto x5704 Jazer, 3270 they wandered 8582 z8804 [through] the wilderness: 4057 her branches 7976 are stretched out, 5203 z8738 they are gone over 5674 z8804 the sea. 3220
the fields:
"And Heshbonª shall cry,ª° and Elealeh:ª their voiceª shall be heardª° [even] unto¹ Jahaz:ª therefore¹¹ the armed soldiersª° of Moabª shall cry out;ª° his lifeª shall be grievousª° unto him." {Isa 15:4} + "The new wineª mourneth,ª° the vineª languisheth,ª° all¹ the merryheartedªª do sigh.ª°" {Isa 24:7} + "Ye mountainsª of Gilboa,ª [let there be] no¹ dew,ª neither¹ [let there be] rain,ª upon¹ you, nor fieldsª of offerings:ª for¹ there¹ the shieldª of the mightyª is vilely cast away,ª° the shieldª of Saul,ª [as though he had] not¹ [been] anointed²¹ with oil.ª" {2Sm 1:21}
the vine:
"Therefore¹¹ I will bewailª° with the weepingª of Jazerª the vineª of Sibmah:ª I will waterª° thee with my tears,ª O Heshbon,ª and Elealeh:ª for¹ the shoutingª for¹ thy summer fruitsª and for¹ thy harvestª is fallen.ª°" {Isa 16:9} + "And Nebo,ª and Baalmeon,ª (their namesª being changed,)²°¹ and¹ Shibmah:ª and gave²° other namesª¹¹ unto the citiesª which¹ they builded.ª°" {Num 32:38}
"And Kirjathaim,ª and Sibmah,ª and Zarethshaharª in the mountª of the valley,ª" {Jsh 13:19}
the lords:
"Howbeit he¹ meanethª° not¹ so,¹ neither¹ doth his heartª thinkª° so;¹ but¹ [it is] in his heartª to destroyª° and cut offª° nationsª not¹ a few.ª" {Isa 10:7} + "And now¹ have I¹ givenª°¹ all¹ these¹ landsª into the handª of Nebuchadnezzarª the kingª of Babylon,ª my servant;ª and¹ the beastsª of the fieldª have I givenª° him also¹ to serveª° him. ... And all¹ nationsª shall serveª° him, and his son,ª and his son'sª son,ª until¹ the very timeª of his landª come:ª° and then¹ manyª nationsª and greatª kingsª shall serveª° themselves of him.¹" {Jer 27:6-7}
"Ataroth,ª and Dibon,ª and Jazer,ª and Nimrah,ª and Heshbon,ª and Elealeh,ª and Shebam,ª and Nebo,ª and Beon,ª" {Num 32:3} + "And their coastª was¹ Jazer,ª and all¹ the citiesª of Gilead,ª and halfª the landª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª unto¹ Aroerª that¹ [is] beforeª¹ Rabbah;ª" {Jsh 13:25}
stretched out:
or, plucked up

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