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{Isaiah 16:10} And gladness 8057 is taken away, 622 z8738 and joy 1524 out of x4480 the plentiful field; 3759 and in the vineyards 3754 there shall be no x3808 singing, 7442 z8792 neither x3808 shall there be shouting: 7321 z8783 the treaders 1869 z8802 shall tread x1869 out y1869 z8799 no x3808 wine 3196 in [their] presses; 3342 I have made [their vintage] shouting 1959 to cease. 7673 z8689
"The mirthª of tabretsª ceaseth,ª° the noiseª of them that rejoiceª endeth,ª° the joyª of the harpª ceaseth.ª° ... They shall not¹ drinkª° wineª with a song;ª strong drinkª shall be bitterª° to them that drinkª° it." {Isa 24:8-9} + "Many daysª and yearsª shall ye be troubled,ª° ye careless women:ª° for¹ the vintageª shall fail,ª° the gatheringª shall not¹ come.ª°" {Isa 32:10} + "And joyª and gladnessª is takenª° from the plentiful field,ª¹ and from the landª¹ of Moab;ª and I have caused wineª to failª° from the winepresses:ª¹ none¹ shall treadª° with shouting;ª [their] shoutingª [shall be] no¹ shouting.ª" {Jer 48:33} + "Forasmuchª therefore¹ as your treadingª° [is] upon¹ the poor,ª and ye takeª° from¹ him burdensª of wheat:ª ye have builtª° housesª of hewn stone,ª but ye shall not¹ dwellª° in them; ye have plantedª° pleasantª vineyards,ª but ye shall not¹ drinkª°¹ wineª of them." {Ams 5:11} + "And in all¹ vineyardsª [shall be] wailing:ª for¹ I will passª° throughª thee, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 5:17} + "Although¹ the fig treeª shall not¹ blossom,ª° neither¹ [shall] fruitª [be] in the vines;ª the labourª of the oliveª shall fail,ª° and the fieldsª shall yieldª° no¹ meat;ª the flockª shall be cut offª° from the fold,ª¹ and [there shall be] no¹ herdª in the stalls:ª ... Yet I¹ will rejoiceª° in the LORD,ª I will joyª° in the Godª of my salvation.ª" {Hab 3:17-18} + "Therefore their goodsª shall become¹ a booty,ª and their housesª a desolation:ª they shall also buildª° houses,ª but not¹ inhabitª° [them]; and they shall plantª° vineyards,ª but not¹ drinkª°¹ the wineª thereof." {Zph 1:13}

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