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{Isaiah 17:1} The burden 4853 of Damascus. 1834 Behold, x2009 Damascus 1834 is taken away 5493 z8716 from [being] a city, 5892 x4480 and it shall be x1961 a ruinous 4654 heap. 4596
am cir, 3263, bc cir, 741
"The burdenª of Moab.ª Because¹ in the nightª Arª of Moabª is laid waste,ª° [and] brought to silence;ª° because¹ in the nightª Kirª of Moabª is laid waste,ª° [and] brought to silence;ª°" {Isa 15:1} + "The burdenª of Egypt.ª Behold,¹ the LORDª ridethª° upon¹ a swiftª cloud,ª and shall comeª° into Egypt:ª and the idolsª of Egyptª shall be movedª° at his presence,ª¹ and the heartª of Egyptª shall meltª° in the midstª of it." {Isa 19:1}
"For¹ the headª of Syriaª [is] Damascus,ª and the headª of Damascusª [is] Rezin;ª and within¹ threescoreª and fiveª yearsª shall Ephraimª be broken,²°¹ that it be not a people.ª¹" {Isa 7:8} + "And he divided²° himself¹ against¹ them, he¹ and his servants,ª by night,ª and smoteª° them, and pursuedª° them unto¹ Hobah,ª which¹ [is] on the left handª¹ of Damascus.ª" {Gen 14:15} + "And Abramª said,ª° Lordª GOD,ª what¹ wilt thou giveª° me, seeing I¹ goª° childless,ª and the stewardªª of my houseª [is] thisª Eliezerª of Damascus?ª" {Gen 15:2} + "And he gatheredª° men²¹ unto¹ him, and became¹ captainª over a band,ª when Davidª slewª° them [of Zobah]: and they went²°¹ to Damascus,ª and dweltª° therein, and reignedª° in Damascus.ª" {1Kg 11:24} + "And when the Syriansª of Damascusª cameª° to helpª° Hadarezerª kingª of Zobah,ª Davidª slewª° of the Syriansª twoª and twentyª thousandª men.ª" {1Ch 18:5} + "Wherefore the LORDª his Godª deliveredª° him into the handª of the kingª of Syria;ª and they smoteª° him, and carried awayª° a great¹ multitude² of¹ them captives,ª and broughtª° [them] to Damascus.ª And he was also¹ deliveredª° into the handª of the kingª of Israel,ª who smoteª° him with a greatª slaughter.ª" {2Ch 28:5} + "For he sacrificedª° unto the godsª of Damascus,ª which smoteª° him: and he said,ª° Because¹ the godsª of the kingsª of Syriaª helpª° them, [therefore] will I sacrificeª° to them, that they may helpª° me. But they¹ were¹ the ruinª° of him, and of all¹ Israel.ª" {2Ch 28:23} + "Concerning Damascus.ª Hamathª is confounded,ª° and Arpad:ª for¹ they have heardª° evilª tidings:ª they are fainthearted;ª° [there is] sorrowª on the sea;ª it cannotª°¹ be quiet.ª° ... And I will kindleª° a fireª in the wallª of Damascus,ª and it shall consumeª° the palacesª of Benhadad.ª" {Jer 49:23-27} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª For¹ threeª transgressionsª of Damascus,ª and for¹ four,ª I will not¹ turn awayª° [the punishment] thereof; because¹ they have threshedª°¹ Gileadª with threshing instrumentsª of iron:ª ... I will breakª° also the barª of Damascus,ª and cut offª° the inhabitantª° from the plainª¹ of Aven,ª and him that holdethª° the sceptreª from the house² of Eden:ª²°¹ and the peopleª of Syriaª shall go into captivityª° unto Kir,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 1:3-5} + "The burdenª of the wordª of the LORDª in the landª of Hadrach,ª and Damascusª [shall be] the restª thereof: when¹ the eyesª of man,ª as of all¹ the tribesª of Israel,ª [shall be] toward the LORD.ª" {Zch 9:1} + "And desiredª° ofª himª lettersª toª Damascusª toª the¹ synagogues,ª thatª ifª he foundª° anyª of this¹ way,ª whetherª they were²° menª orª women,ª he might bring¹ them²° boundª° untoª Jerusalem.ª" {Act 9:2}
Damascus is:
"For¹ before¹ the childª shall have knowledgeª° to cry,ª° My father,ª and my mother,ª¹ the richesª of Damascusª and the spoilª of Samariaª shall be taken awayª° beforeª the kingª of Assyria.ª" {Isa 8:4} + "[Is] not¹ Calnoª as Carchemish?ª [is] not¹ Hamathª as Arpad?ª [is] not¹ Samariaª as Damascus?ª" {Isa 10:9} + "And the kingª of Assyriaª hearkenedª° unto¹ him: for the kingª of Assyriaª went upª° against¹ Damascus,ª and tookª° it, and carried [the people of] it captiveª° to Kir,ª and slewª° Rezin.ª" {2Kg 16:9}
a ruinous:
"For¹ thou hast madeª° of a cityª¹ an heap;ª [of] a defencedª° cityª a ruin:ª a palaceª of strangersª° to be no city;ª¹ it shall neverª¹ be built.ª°" {Isa 25:2} + "Hast thou not¹ heardª° long ago,ª¹ [how] I have doneª° it; [and] of ancientª times,ª¹ that I have formedª° it? now¹ have I brought²° it to pass,¹ that thou shouldest be¹ to lay wasteª° defencedª° citiesª [into] ruinousª° heaps.ª" {Isa 37:26} + "Therefore,¹ behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will cause an alarmª of warª to be heardª° in¹ Rabbahª of the Ammonites;ªª and it shall be¹ a desolateª heap,ª and her daughtersª shall be burnedª° with fire:ª then shall Israelª be heirª° unto them that were¹ his heirs,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 49:2} + "Therefore I will makeª° Samariaª as an heapª of the field,ª [and] as plantingsª of a vineyard:ª and I will pour downª° the stonesª thereof into the valley,ª and I will discoverª° the foundationsª thereof." {Mic 1:6} + "Therefore¹ shall Zionª for your sakeª be plowedª° [as] a field,ª and Jerusalemª shall become¹ heaps,ª and the mountainª of the houseª as the high placesª of the forest.ª" {Mic 3:12}

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