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{Isaiah 17:13} The nations 3816 shall rush 7582 z8735 like the rushing 7588 of many 7227 waters: 4325 but [God] shall rebuke 1605 z8804 them, and they shall flee 5127 z8804 far off, 4801 x4480 and shall be chased 7291 z8795 as the chaff 4671 of the mountains 2022 before 6440 the wind, 7307 and like a rolling thing 1534 before 6440 the whirlwind. 5492
"Shall the axeª boast²° itself¹ against¹ him that hewethª° therewith? [or] shall the sawª magnify²° itself¹ against¹ him that shakethª° it? as if the rodª should shake²° [itself] against¹¹ them that lift it up,ª° [or] as if the staffª should lift upª° [itself, as if it were] no¹ wood.ª ... Therefore¹ shall the Lord,ª the Lordª²° of hosts,ª sendª° among his fat onesª leanness;ª and under¹ his gloryª he shall kindleª° a burningª like the burning¹ of a fire.ª" {Isa 10:15-16} + "Behold,¹ the Lord,ª the LORDª of hosts,ª shall lopª° the boughª with terror:ª and the high ones²°¹ of statureª [shall be] hewn down,ª° and the haughtyª shall be humbled.ª° ... And he shall cut downª° the thicketsª of the forestª with iron,ª and Lebanonª shall fallª° by a mighty one.ª" {Isa 10:33-34} + "That I will breakª° the Assyrianª in my land,ª and upon¹ my mountainsª tread him under foot:ª° then shall his yokeª departª° from off¹¹ them, and his burdenª departª° from off¹¹ their shoulders.ª" {Isa 14:25} + "For¹ thou hast been¹ a strengthª to the poor,ª a strengthª to the needyª in his distress,ª a refugeª from the storm,ª¹ a shadowª from the heat,ª¹ when¹ the blastª of the terrible onesª [is] as a stormª [against] the wall.ª ... Thou shalt bring downª° the noiseª of strangers,ª° as the heatª in a dry place;ª [even] the heatª with the shadowª of a cloud:ª the branchª of the terrible onesª shall be brought low.ª°" {Isa 25:4-5} + "In that¹ dayª the LORDª with his soreª and greatª and strongª swordª shall punishª°¹ leviathanª the piercingª serpent,ª even leviathanª that crookedª serpent;ª and he shall slayª°¹ the dragonª that¹ [is] in the sea.ª" {Isa 27:1} + "And the LORDª shall cause¹ his gloriousª voiceª to be heard,ª° and shall shewª° the lighting downª of his arm,ª with the indignationª of [his] anger,ª and [with] the flameª of a devouringª° fire,ª [with] scattering,ª and tempest,ª and hailstones.ªª ... For¹ Tophetª [is] ordainedª° of old;ª¹ yea,¹ for the kingª it¹ is prepared;ª° he hath made [it] deepª° [and] large:ª° the pileª thereof [is] fireª and muchª° wood;ª the breathª of the LORD,ª like a streamª of brimstone,ª doth kindleª° it." {Isa 30:30-33} + "Then shall the Assyrianª fallª° with the sword,ª not¹ of a mighty man;ª and the sword,ª not¹ of a mean man,ª shall devourª° him: but he shall fleeª° fromª¹ the sword,ª and his young menª shall be¹ discomfited.ª ... And he shall pass overª° to his strong holdª for fear,ª¹ and his princesª shall be afraidª° of the ensign,ª¹ saithª° the LORD,ª whose¹ fireª [is] in Zion,ª and his furnaceª in Jerusalem.ª" {Isa 31:8-9} + "Woeª to thee that spoilest,ª° and thou¹ [wast] not¹ spoiled;ª° and dealest treacherously,ª° and they dealt not treacherouslyª°¹ with thee! when thou shalt ceaseª° to spoil,ª° thou shalt be spoiled;ª° [and] when thou shalt make an endª° to deal treacherously,ª° they shall deal treacherouslyª° with thee. ... At the noiseª¹ of the tumultª the peopleª fled;ª° at the lifting upª¹ of thyself the nationsª were scattered.ª°" {Isa 33:1-3} + "The earthª mournethª° [and] languisheth:ª° Lebanonª is ashamedª° [and] hewn down:ª° Sharonª is¹ like a wilderness;ª and Bashanª and Carmelª shake offª° [their fruits]. ... And the peopleª shall be¹ [as] the burningsª of lime:ª [as] thornsª cut upª° shall they be burnedª° in the fire.ª" {Isa 33:9-12} + "Because¹ thy rageª° against¹ me, and thy tumult,ª is come upª° into mine ears,ª therefore will I putª° my hookª in thy nose,ª and my bridleª in thy lips,ª and I will turn thee backª° by the wayª by which¹ thou camest.ª° ... And it came to pass,¹ as he¹ was worshippingª° in the houseª of Nisrochª his god,ª that Adrammelechª and Sharezerª his sonsª smoteª° him with the sword;ª and they¹ escapedª° into the landª of Armenia:ª and Esarhaddonª his sonª reignedª° in his stead.¹" {Isa 37:29-38} + "Thou hast rebukedª° the heathen,ª thou hast destroyedª° the wicked,ª thou hast put outª° their nameª for everª and ever.ª" {Psa 9:5} + "Godª [is] in the midstª of her; she shall not¹ be moved:ª° Godª shall helpª° her, [and that] rightª° early.ª ... The LORDª of hostsª [is] with¹ us; the Godª of Jacobª [is] our refuge.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 46:5-11}
"And said,ª° Hithertoªª shalt thou come,ª° but no¹ further:ª° and here¹ shall thy proudª wavesª be stayed?ª°" {Job 38:11} + "Andª he arose,ª° and rebukedª° the¹ wind,ª andª saidª° unto the¹ sea,ª Peace,ª° be still.ª° Andª the¹ windª ceased,ª° andª there wasª° a greatª calm.ª ... Andª they fearedª° exceedingly,ªª andª saidª° one²° to² another,ª¹ What² manner of man²¹ isª° this,ª thatª evenª the¹ windª andª the¹ seaª obeyª° him?ª" {Mrk 4:39-41}
shall be:
"Moreover the multitudeª of thy strangersª° shall be¹ like smallª dust,ª and the multitudeª of the terrible onesª [shall be] as chaffª that passeth away:ª° yea, it shall be¹ at an instantª suddenly.ª" {Isa 29:5} + "Behold,¹ I will makeª° thee a newª sharpª threshing² instrument¹ havingª teeth:ª thou shalt threshª° the mountains,ª and beat [them] small,ª° and shalt makeª° the hillsª as chaff.ª ... Thou shalt fanª° them, and the windª shall carry them away,ª° and the whirlwindª shall scatterª° them: and thou¹ shalt rejoiceª° in the LORD,ª [and] shalt gloryª° in the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª" {Isa 41:15-16} + "They are¹ as stubbleª beforeª the wind,ª and as chaffª that the stormª carrieth away.ª°" {Job 21:18} + "The ungodlyª [are] not¹ so:¹ but¹¹ [are] like the chaffª which¹ the windª driveth away.ª°" {Psa 1:4} + "Let them be¹ as chaffª beforeª the wind:ª and let the angelª of the LORDª chaseª° [them]." {Psa 35:5} + "O my God,ª makeª° them like a wheel;ª as the stubbleª beforeª the wind.ª ... So¹ persecuteª° them with thy tempest,ª and make them afraidª° with thy storm.ª" {Psa 83:13-15} + "Thenª was the iron,ª the clay,ª the brass,ª the silver,ª and the gold,ª broken to piecesª°²° together,ª and becameª° like the chaffª ofª the summerª threshingfloors;ª and the windª carried²° them² away,ª°¹ that² noª¹ placeª was foundª° for them: and the stoneª that¹ smoteª° the imageª becameª° a greatª mountain,ª and filledª° the wholeª earth.ª" {Dan 2:35} + "Therefore¹ they shall be¹ as the morningª cloud,ª and as the earlyª° dewª that passeth away,ª° as the chaffª [that] is driven with the whirlwindª° out of the floor,ª¹ and as the smokeª out of the chimney.ª¹" {Hsa 13:3}
a rolling thing:
or, thistle-down

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