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{Isaiah 19:11} Surely x389 the princes 8269 of Zoan 6814 [are] fools, 191 the counsel 6098 of the wise 2450 counsellors 3289 z8802 of Pharaoh 6547 is become brutish: 1197 z8737 how x349 say 559 z8799 ye unto x413 Pharaoh, 6547 I x589 [am] the son 1121 of the wise, 2450 the son 1121 of ancient 6924 kings? 4428
the princes:
"And the spiritª of Egyptª shall failª° in the midstª thereof; and I will destroyª° the counselª thereof: and they shall seekª° to¹ the idols,ª and to¹ the charmers,ª and to¹ them that have familiar spirits,ª and to¹ the wizards.ª" {Isa 19:3} + "The princesª of Zoanª are become fools,ª° the princesª of Nophª are deceived;ª° they have also seducedª°¹ Egypt,ª [even they that are] the stayª of the tribesª thereof." {Isa 19:13} + "Therefore,¹ behold,¹ I will proceedª° to do a marvellous workª° among¹ this¹ people,ª [even] a marvellous workª° and a wonder:ª for the wisdomª of their wiseª [men] shall perish,ª° and the understandingª of their prudentª° [men] shall be hid.ª°" {Isa 29:14} + "That frustratethª° the tokensª of the liars,ª and maketh diviners²° mad;ª°¹ that turnethª° wiseª [men] backward,ª and maketh their knowledge² foolish;ª°¹" {Isa 44:25} + "He disappointethª° the devicesª of the crafty,ª so that their handsª cannot¹ performª° [their] enterprise.ª ... He takethª° the wiseª in their own craftiness:ª and the counselª of the frowardª° is carried headlong.ª°" {Job 5:12-13} + "He leadeth²°¹ counsellorsª° away spoiled,ª and maketh the judgesª° fools.ª°" {Job 12:17} + "The LORDª bringeth²° the counselª of the heathenª to nought:ª° he maketh²° the devicesª of the peopleª of none effect.ª°" {Psa 33:10} + "Concerning Edom,ª thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª [Is] wisdomª no¹ more¹ in Teman?ª is counselª perishedª° from the prudent?ª°¹ is their wisdomª vanished?ª°" {Jer 49:7} + "Mischiefª shall comeª° upon¹ mischief,ª and rumourª shall be¹ upon¹ rumour;ª then shall they seekª° a visionª of the prophet;ª¹ but the lawª shall perishª° from the priest,ª¹ and counselª from the ancients.ª¹" {Ezk 7:26} + "Forª it is written,ª° I will destroyª° the¹ wisdomª of the¹ wise,ª andª will bring to nothingª° the¹ understandingª of the¹ prudent.ª ... Whereª [is] the wise?ª whereª [is] the scribe?ª whereª [is] the disputerª of thisª world?ª hath²° notª Godª made foolishª° the¹ wisdomª of thisª world?ª" {1Co 1:19-20}
"For¹ his princesª were¹ at Zoan,ª and his ambassadorsª cameª° to Hanes.ª" {Isa 30:4} + "And they ascendedª° by the south,ª and cameª° unto¹ Hebron;ª where¹ Ahiman,ª Sheshai,ª and Talmai,ª the childrenª of Anak,ª [were]. (Now Hebronª was builtª° sevenª yearsª beforeª Zoanª in Egypt.)ª" {Num 13:22} + "Marvellous thingsª didª° he in the sightª of their fathers,ª in the landª of Egypt,ª [in] the fieldª of Zoan.ª" {Psa 78:12} + "How¹ he had wroughtª° his signsª in Egypt,ª and his wondersª in the fieldª of Zoan:ª" {Psa 78:43} + "And I will make Pathros² desolate,ª°¹¹ and will setª° fireª in Zoan,ª and will executeª° judgmentsª in No.ª" {Ezk 30:14}
"So foolishª [was] I,¹ and ignorant:ª°¹ I was¹ [as] a beastª before¹ thee." {Psa 73:22} + "A brutishª manª knowethª° not;¹ neither¹ doth a foolª understandª°¹ this.¹" {Psa 92:6} + "Surely¹ I¹ [am] more brutishª than [any] man,ª¹ and have not¹ the understandingª of a man.ª" {Prv 30:2} + "Every¹ manª is brutishª° in [his] knowledge:ª¹ every¹ founderª° is confoundedª° by the graven image:ª¹ for¹ his molten imageª [is] falsehood,ª and [there is] no¹ breathª in them." {Jer 10:14} + "For¹ the pastorsª° are become brutish,ª° and have not¹ soughtª° the LORD:ª therefore¹¹ they shall not¹ prosper,ª° and all¹ their flocksª shall be scattered.ª°" {Jer 10:21}
I am:
"And Pharaohª saidª° unto¹ his servants,ª Can we findª° [such a one] as thisª [is], a manª in whomª the Spiritª of Godª [is]? ... And Pharaohª saidª° unto¹ Joseph,ª Forasmuchª as Godª hath shewedª° thee¹ all¹ this,¹ [there is] none¹ so discreetª° and wiseª as thou¹ [art]:" {Gen 41:38-39} + "And Solomon'sª wisdomª excelled²° the wisdomª¹¹ of all¹ the childrenª of the east country,ª and all¹¹ the wisdomª of Egypt.ª" {1Kg 4:30} + "Andª Mosesª was learnedª° in allª the wisdomª of the Egyptians,ª andª wasª° mightyª inª wordsª andª inª deeds.ª" {Act 7:22}

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