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{Isaiah 21:17} And the residue 7605 of the number 4557 of archers, 7198 the mighty men 1368 of the children 1121 of Kedar, 6938 shall be diminished: 4591 z8799 for x3588 the LORD 3068 God 430 of Israel 3478 hath spoken 1696 z8765 [it].
Heb. bows
the mighty:
"And shall consumeª° the gloryª of his forest,ª and of his fruitful field,ª both soulª¹ and body:ª and they shall be¹ as when a standardbearerª° fainteth.ª° ... And the restª of the treesª of his forestª shall be¹ few,ª that a childª may writeª° them." {Isa 10:18-19} + "And in that¹ dayª it shall come to pass,¹ [that] the gloryª of Jacobª shall be made thin,ª° and the fatnessª of his fleshª shall wax lean.ª° ... And it shall be¹ as when the harvestmanª gatherethª° the corn,ª and reapethª° the earsª with his arm;ª and it shall be¹ as he that gatherethª° earsª in the valleyª of Rephaim.ª" {Isa 17:4-5} + "Again, they are minishedª° and brought lowª° through oppression,ª¹ affliction,ª and sorrow.ª" {Psa 107:39}
"But if¹ ye refuseª° and rebel,ª° ye shall be devouredª° with the sword:ª for¹ the mouthª of the LORDª hath spokenª° [it]." {Isa 1:20} + "Godª [is] not¹ a man,ª that he should lie;ª° neither the sonª of man,ª that he should repent:ª° hath he¹ said,ª° and shall he not¹ doª° [it]? or hath he spoken,ª° and shall he not¹ make it good?ª°" {Num 23:19} + "And this¹ [shall be] a signª unto you, saithª° the LORD,ª that¹ I¹ will punishª°¹ you in this¹ place,ª that¹ ye may knowª° that¹ my wordsª shall surely²° standª° against¹ you for evil:ª" {Jer 44:29} + "But¹ my wordsª and my statutes,ª which¹ I commandedª°¹ my servantsª the prophets,ª did they not¹ take holdª° of your fathers?ª and they returnedª° and said,ª° Like as¹ the LORDª of hostsª thoughtª° to doª° unto us, according to our ways,ª and according to our doings,ª so¹ hath he dealtª° with¹ us." {Zch 1:6} + "Heavenª andª earthª shall pass away,ª° butª myª wordsª shall²° notª pass away.ª°" {Mtt 24:35}

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