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{Isaiah 22:16} What x4100 hast thou here? x6311 and whom x4310 hast thou here, x6311 that x3588 thou hast hewed thee out 2672 z8804 a sepulchre 6913 here, 6311 [as] he that heweth him out 2672 z8802 a sepulchre 6913 on high, 4791 [and] that graveth 2710 z8802 an habitation 4908 for himself in a rock? 5553
What hast:
"Now¹ therefore, what¹ have I here,¹ saithª° the LORD,ª that¹ my peopleª is taken awayª° for nought?ª they that rule²° over¹ them make them to howl,ª° saithª° the LORD;ª and my nameª continuallyª every¹ dayª [is] blasphemed.ª°" {Isa 52:5} + "Ariseª° ye, and depart;²°¹ for¹ this¹ [is] not¹ [your] rest:ª because¹ it is polluted,ª° it shall destroyª° [you], even with a soreª° destruction.ª" {Mic 2:10}
There are some monuments still remaining in Persia, of great antiquity, says Bp. Lowth, called Naksi Rustam, which give a clear idea of Shebna's pompous design for his sepulchre. They consist of several sepulchres, each of them hewn in a high rock near the top. The front of the rock to the valley below is adorned with carved work in relief, being the outside of the sepulchre. Some of these sepulchres are about thirty feet in the perpendicular from the valley, which is itself raised perhaps about half as much by the accumulation of the earth since they were made. "All¹ the kingsª of the nations,ª [even] all¹ of them, lieª° in glory,ª every oneª in his own house.ª" {Isa 14:18} + "Now Absalomª in his lifetimeª had takenª° and reared upª° for himself¹ a pillar,ª which¹ [is] in the king'sª dale:ª for¹ he said,ª° I have no¹ sonª to¹ keep my name² in remembrance:ª°¹ and he calledª° the pillarª after¹ his own name:ª and it is calledª° unto¹ this¹ day,ª Absalom'sª place.ª" {2Sm 18:18} + "And they buriedª° him in his own sepulchres,ª which¹ he had madeª° for himself in the cityª of David,ª and laidª° him in the bedª which¹ was filledª° with sweet odoursª and divers kindsª [of spices] prepared²° by the apothecaries'² art:ª¹¹ and they madeª° a veryª¹ greatª burningª for him." {2Ch 16:14} + "With¹ kingsª and counsellorsª° of the earth,ª which builtª° desolate placesª for themselves;" {Job 3:14} + "Andª laidª° itª inª his own²¹ newª tomb,ª whichª he had hewn outª° inª the¹ rock:ª andª he rolledª° a greatª stoneª to the¹ doorª of the¹ sepulchre,ª and departed.ª°" {Mtt 27:60}
as he:
or, O he

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